15 Superheroes You Never Knew Have Banged The Gods

Of course, there is a lot of sex in the comics and many of the comics are nowhere even meant for kids. Some, well are hotter than others. Humans and aliens, humans and humans, aliens and aliens, and sometimes even humans and Gods, sex is good in these superheroes comics. Here we bring you fifteen instances where superheroes had sex with Gods:


Owlman is the Batman equal (nowhere even close) of Earth 3 in the comics. He is someone involved with tech, is a great detective and has all kind of darkness to him. Both meet up in dark alleys and make out, she once even suggested that the child in her womb could be Owlman’s.


To all the fans who are familiar with the storyline, Flashpoint, this one would not be a surprise. Wonder Woman and Aquaman start an affair when Aquaman is already married to Mera, this happens and then when things go south, well she beheads Mera and both, the Amazons and the Atlanteans go at war, taking the whole planet with them.

Jimmy Oleson

Though he’s no superhero but in ‘Countdown to Final Crisis’ he started with his own Superhero activities with the name, Mr. Action, where he meets Forager, who stays with him, walks nude around his apartment and can even be seen wearing his clothes.


The Beyonder falls in love with Dazzler. He can do anything and be anything, could even make her fall for him, but he does it naturally and the two go out on a date and later she sleeps with him. After that, he continues to woo her, but no point as she isn’t much interested in the person he actually is.

Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman (2017)
Chris Pine and Gal Gadot

Yeah, this was a no brainer. We all know about the love story of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. About how he crash landed in Thymescera and how she saved his life, both then fell in love and you know the rest.

Scandal Savage

This deadly member of the Secret Six is the daughter of the supervillain Vandal Savage, She was told to be a lesbian when her and Knockout’s encounter was shown. Sad for her, as the relationship didn’t last for long because Knockout was Knocked Out by a bomb.

Myrina Black

An Amazon who fell in love with Darkseid’s daughter Grail. The woman never did anything bad intentionally but yeah still, she did a lot of bad stuff. What’s more is that she is not able to help Grail, who then becomes an uncontrollable power.


When in the story, in which there is a what if? X-Men were trapped on Asgard forever, Rogue sees that her powers don’t affect Asgardians and she gets married to Fandral, and then the Watcher, who is narrating the tale says, “She finally knew the touch of a man”

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is actually a cyborg. A Horseman who holds a lot of things in common with Thor. When Sif is rejected by Thor, she well, goes to Bill, who then has a good long relationship with her. Sure he has a lot in common with Thor.


Hippolyta is someone who herself is well, the Queen of Themiscyra, and the mother of Wonder Woman had told her that she made her from clay and asked Zeus to grant her life, well the New 52 changed her origin tremendously as it was not her asking for Wonder Woman but having her sex because of which she conceived.

She Hulk

Hercules has been the number one man for Jennifer Walters. She, since day one has been trying to get into the pants of the, might Greek Demigod. Well, sad for her that she’s always turned down by him along with some misogynistic comments, once thought she got to him, this was after a battle they fought and to celebrate they made love and boy were the scenes hot!!


Superboy is a clone of Superman, one of the main characters of Young Justice, he is someone who has been on the side of good even after being created as a destructive force. He well got busy with his teammate, Wonder Girl, who is the daughter of Zeus and hence a Demigod. She can be seen waking up in Supers’ tee quite a few times.


This couple was surely the epitome of Super. They kind of set standards for what a super couple should be like. Strong, powerful otherworldly creatures yet still down to earth living in isolation, but working for the rest of the mankind. Though their romance didn’t last long as it recently ended in the New 52 comics, but sure as hell it was hot, and Supes got busy with Wonder Woman for sure.


Yeah, He has banged the sister of Dormammu, who is the Lord of the Dark Dimension, and evil God. Though he was not so much in his senses or didn’t even dominate. It was Umar who was doing it all, she wanted to do it “with the strongest one” The two banged so hard that they even bent reality. Hulk-Smash.

Jane Foster


Yeah, this one is no surprise to us all. Jane Foster who later herself becomes Thor while being a mere mortal too has many times gone down and dirty with the God of Thunder. Surely they had some ‘lightning’ action inside the sheets.

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