Wonder Woman 1984 – New Set Video Reveals A Major Fight Between Steve And Diana

Wonder Woman 1984 is on its way and DC can finally be sure of a confirmed blockbuster coming their way. WB has faith in Aquaman that it will do really good at the Box Office, but there is no question about Wonder Woman. WB can bank big cash upon this character and we’d all surely god for this movie. The first movie that we saw was loved by all and it became the highest grossing female-led Superhero movie.

The only movie that has worked in the DC shared Universe is Wonder Woman as all other movies were thrashed by the Critics. Man of Steel got an average review, but the other 3 movies, BvS, Justice League and Suicide Squad were totally ripped apart by the critics. The DC movies have earned fine money at the Box Office and that is what has kept WB still optimistic about these movies. Now with a major shift in the executive department of WB is keeping them and fans pretty optimistic and WB has now come out and said it that making “Good Movies” is going to be their main focus now as those work much better in the longer run. Hopefully, WB employ a good editing team for these upcoming movies as well.

Till now, only Aquaman (December 21, 2018), Shazam! (April 5, 2019) and Wonder Woman 1984 (November 1, 2019) have confirmed release dates, while WB still has a bazillion DC movies under development out of which Suicide Squad 2, The Batman, Flashpoint & Black Adam are said to be going under production sometime in the next year. If you look at these, you will notice that almost all of them are solo movies, which means that WB now understands that characters need to be developed before being put into a team-up movie. The audiences need to trust these characters so that they know what they are paying for. Justice League was rushed and even Wonder Woman’s presence in the movie could not save it.

Well, we diverted a little off topic but it was worth it. So Wonder Woman 2 being under production for the last few days has given us a whole lot of insight upon what is going to happen in the movie. Patty Jenkins herself introduced us to Steve Trevor from 1984, who is coming back from the dead after supposedly being in a plane explosion in the last movie. With the return of Trevor, we can be sure that the chemistry between Diana and Steve, which was the highlight of the first movie is going to return as well. But, it seems that this time, their relationship is going to go up to the next phase where couples fight and argue. This may not be a typical drama fight, but it sure looks like that in this set video of Wonder Woman 1984.

Looking at this video where Diana can be seen walking out on a balcony in what appears to be a robe is pursued by Steve Trevor who even grabs her by the wrist in order to continue talking to her, blocking her way before she simply turns and walks away from him and it is apparent that Steve and Diana have an argument about something they don’t agree on. This conversation is surely not friendly and we can make out that the two are clearly fighting about something.

But since this video is shot from so far and there is this whole Wonder Woman theme playing at the back, we cannot make out what the two are saying and why they are fighting with each other, but it surely will be some serious matter and not the kind of fight that a married couple usually has. One thing we can be sure of here is that Steve will have to submit to Diana upon whatever topic they are arguing!

Wonder Woman 1984

Set in 1984, Wonder Woman is going to face off against the Soviet Union in the waning days of Cold War, and she will come across another big villain from the Wonder Woman Mythos, Cheetah who will be played by Kristen Wiig. We haven’t seen a set photo of her in the adversary against Diana, so it is not yet clear that her get up will fully involve prosthetics,makeupp and Costume or will it be fully CGI, or it could also be a mixture of both. A mix of CGI and a practical costume could actually work really well. Other than Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal is involved in an undisclosed role.

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