Who Does Chris Pratt Want Star Lord To Meet?

Marvel Cinematic Universe has slowly been expanding in their rise to success. Dipping their fingers into all aspects of moving pictures, including television, the MCU has been delivering quality content for their audience. It has also grown in showing different heroes from different times and spaces. Guardians Of The Galaxy was introduced two years ago and became the sleeper hit of that year. The sequel has been a highly anticipated movie for their growing fanbase. The star of the movie Chris Pratt who is currently promoting his upcoming movie The Magnificent Seven recently sat down for an interview with We Got This Covered to promote his movie and to talk about some Guardians news.

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Pratt was asked which hero he would like to see his on-screen character Peter Quill team up with since Marvel is famous for having their heroes crossover. Pratt answered:

Oh, gosh. I don’t know. I’ll have to leave all that to Marvel, releasing who’s going to fight what. Me personally, I don’t even know the right answer to that. If I say the wrong thing I’ll get in trouble by Marvel or by the fans. It’d be awesome – I would like Peter Quill to meet the Punisher. He’s not in the movies, but if I’m talking Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think it’d be cool for Peter Quill. Punisher was my favorite growing up so that’d be cool for me to meet him.

The Punisher can currently be seen in the Netflix series Daredevil and has just been confirmed to have his own standalone show in the next year. The character is played by veteran actor Jon Bernthal.

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It is doubtful if Pine’s idea would ever come to existence since television and movies seem to be a different entity. The show Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, another Marvel show has associations with its movie counterpart The Avengers but none of the superheroes have made an appearance in the series, although their names are often referenced.

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