New Captain Marvel Theory Suggests [Spoiler] is The Mother of Carol Danvers

Marvel’s first upcoming project for 2019 is going to be Captain Marvel who will make her debut in her solo movie, and then go on to battle Thanos in Avengers 4. But before we dive into Avengers 4, we will be witnessing the origin story of Carol Danvers as the strongest superhero Marvel has ever put out! The first trailer of the film managed to raise the hype level of the film to the level of Black Panther and maybe even more than that! Marvel could really expect some huge returns from the film.

People were really hyped about Black Panther because of his amazing introduction in Civil War, and then the marketing of the film really elevated people’s expectations, but Captain Marvel has not yet appeared in any of the MCU movies, and we have only seen a tease of her in Avengers: Infinity War. So, for the 2-minute trailer to instigate such excitement amongst the audiences, is a great achievement on the part of Marvel! While the trailer mostly focused on Carol Danvers, telling us the different stages of her life, it also showed the different approach that the film will be taking upon her origin.

Captain Marvel Theory Carol Danvers

As suggested by the trailer, Carol will have been Captain Marvel for quite a while, and it is when she will land on Earth, she will start getting the flashbacks of her past life. Amidst all this, we did get some clues that in a movie which brings forward the shape-shifting Skrulls as its villains, there are bound to be major twists involved. But not all of those twists will be related to the Skrulls. There will be thrilling moments involving the Kree as well. Earth will be caught up in the big Kree-Skrull War, and it seems that Carol will be too.

Captain Marvel

It is apparent that Captain Marvel is half Kree and half human, but the question that arises here is that how did she get the DNA of Kree in her body. We saw the life of Carol being teased before her days of Captain Marvel. She obviously did not have any powers before in her pre-Captain Marvel days, so how her DNA gets mixed with the Kree is a question that needs to be answered. Perhaps Carol’s mother is involved in a major twist of the film.

Since we know that the movie is taking a different route from the traditional origin of Carol in the comics, perhaps it would also tell us a different story of how her DNA became a fusion of Kree and Human. How she went from Earth to Kree and then back to Earth is a mystery. The trailer solved many things but kept a whole lot hidden! Perhaps there is a common link for Carol in all this, presumably her mother!

The trailer and EW magazine gave a look at almost everyone who has a significant role in the film, except for Carol’s mother who is being played by the big name actor Annette Bening. This was the first trailer, and we may get to see her in the big story trailer of the film, but the fact that Marvel kept her a secret does feel a little suspicious.

An actress with her caliber is bound to have a big role, especially when we know that she will be a motivating factor in Carol’s journey, so why to keep it hidden? Perhaps it is because of an incoming twist!

While we may know for sure, but the story of Carol’s mother in the comics could give us a clear picture. Just recently, it was revealed as a twist that Marie Danvers is actually a Kree Soldier. If Marvel adapts to this storyline, then it could explain the lineage of Carol, who is half Kree and half human, so perhaps she fled to Earth way back and found love, which resulted in a being having a mixed DNA. That would be a straightforward answer revealed as a twist.

Recent theories have suggested that Jude Law’s character is actually the villain of the film, so perhaps Marie fled from him, but then Law’s character ends up getting hands on Marie’s daughter and weaponizing her! This could be told on screen really well. Let’s what path has Marvel actually taken.

Captain Marvel comes out on March 8, 2019.

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