10 Greatest Powers of Darkseid – Ranked According to Destructive Level

The DC Universe has mane badass villains. There is the Joker, the Reverse Flash, Deathstroke, and Lex Luthor. But there is probably no one that could challenge the might of Darkseid, the King of Apokolips and the God of Evil. Ever since he has appeared in the comic books, Darkseid has proven himself to be a complete force of nature. The Justice League that is composed of the world’s most powerful superheroes, have to go all in when Darkseid comes in and there’s still only a fifty-fifty chance that the League will win. Darkseid has had numerous appearances in the comic books and every time he has proved his worth in salt in the battlefield. We have narrowed down his most destructive powers and decided to make a list put of them. Wanna see? Presenting – 10 Greatest Powers of Darkseid – Ranked according to destructive level

 1. Invulnerability

Darkseid Greatest Powers

When we say Darkseid has the thickest hide in the Galaxy, we mean it. This guy has gone toe to toe with Superman – someone who was powerful enough to pull an entire solar system. He has even defeated the Man of Steel on several occasions. One other being Darkseid has fought and defeated with his bare fists was Doomsday, an immortal being with limitless levels of strength. Darkseid has withstood all kinds of weapons. Laser based weaponry, energy weapons, missiles, nuclear blasts, cold fission bombs and bullets. His skin is so tough it makes it impossible for his enemy to make him bleed. If Batman could ask him his “Do you bleed” question, Darkseid will firmly say” NO”.

 2. Super Strength

Darkseid Greatest Powers

While he is a firm believer in the concept of mind over matter, he will not back down from using his fists in a battle if need be. Darkseid’s strength level is legendary. As we said, the guy has fought Superman and Doomsday, both beings that are Gods of raw, brute strength. He has also fought Zeus, a mystical God from Greek Mythology renowned for his strength and defeated him. Darkseid has done feats that would be impossible for other heroes. He once crushed a lantern power ring with his hands, something that was thought to be impossible to do. Many writers and fans are of the opinion that as far as strength comes, Darkseid ranks higher than Superman any day of the week.

 3. Longevity

Darkseid Greatest Powers

Darkseid’s ability to endure does not just stop at bodily damage and harm. Darkseid is a being of ancient times. He has lived for thousands of years and he will live on for a hundred thousand more. There is no way time can age him since he is practically immortal. Darkseid has used his ability to remain a timeless beast to amass all kinds of knowledge and wealth, using it to build an army of para demons that could conquer entire star systems for him. But he is not completely invincible though. Hit him hard enough and even the Evil Deity of Apokolips can fall. Batman used a Radion bullet to kill him once. Orion, the black Racer and even Doomsday have managed to do it on separate occasions.

 4. Super Speed

Darkseid Greatest Powers

For a guy as bulky as him, he sure is fast. Darkseid may not be able to run faster than the speed of light or travel between dimensions by making his legs break the dimensional barrier. He is still able to hold his own against superfast heroes like Superman and the Flash. The Flash is a hero who has managed to travel faster than the speed of light on occasions. Darkseid has reflexes that allow him to react to any attack within a nano second. This is how he managed to stay at par with heroes who have powers of super speed. Using his tactical mind and sickeningly fast reflexes, he is one of the best anti-speedster super villains.

 5. Size Manipulation

Darkseid Greatest Powers

Many do not know this but Darkseid actually has the ability to change the shape and size of his body as he so wishes. He rarely uses it in the battlefield since his fists and omega rays are strong enough to take down any guy who even dares come after him. But in Countdown to Final Crisis, Jimmy Olsen manages to gain the abilities of all the New Gods. To stop Olsen, Darkseid used the ability to change the size of his body and grew bigger than a mountain in a matter of seconds. How this ability works is as good as everybody’s guess. But it sure is handy for someone like the God of Evil.

 6. Telekinesis

Darkseid Greatest Powers

One of Darkseid’s least explored abilities, the God of Evil’s power to manipulate the physical world by sheer force of will is rather uncanny. There are others who can do the same but Darkseid takes the cake because his ability to move matter with his mind is so powerful and yet so least used that it always keeps bugging us. The instances where Darkseid was actually seen using his telekinesis was where he would use the ability to use objects as wields and sometimes even throw it forward, as a projectile. But it runs much deeper than that. The peculiar thing about this ability is that the upper limits of his telekinesis have never been explored and/or found.

 7. Telepathy

Darkseid Greatest Powers

When you hear telepathy, the first comic book character that comes to mind is Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men. But Darkseid is also not some small fry. He has also used his telepathy like Professor X to manipulate people to do his bidding. Darkseid’s telepathic abilities also range from high to very high. He has used this to make an entire group of people to kill themselves. Darkseid’s telepathy was the reason Apokolips managed to invade other planets with absolutely no harm to their soldiers. Darkseid just opened a telepathic channel and the whole population of the planet became mindless zombies. He can do that.

 8. Intelligence

Darkseid Greatest Powers

Darkseid’s greatest asset is his ability to plan everything well in advance. While fists and weapons are good, one needs to learn how to stop yourself from getting your own hands dirty if there is no need for a fight.  What Darkseid does is he first wears out the superheroes by sending in massive swarms of para demon drones. The dude also knows how to use an outnumbered army and win the battlefield. His specialty is making allies turn on each other and fight to the death, with him left to take down the scraps and call it a day. Even the smartest people find it hard to check mate Darkseid.

 9. Life Force absorption

Darkseid Greatest Powers

Darkseid has the power to absorb life forces of others. This life force essence absorption would also give him access to all the knowledge that his victim possessed. So Darkseid can suck out the knowledge and life out of his enemies and they cannot do anything about it. If he absorbs the life force essence of a New God, Darkseid is born anew with fresh vigour, no matter how badly damaged his body was. The amount of life force he can absorb is nearly limitless but there is only a little of it in a regular human being. So Darkseid generally targets high value super humans to use this ability.

 10. The Omega Effect

Darkseid Greatest Powers

The Omega beams are a gift that is only given to the Ruler of Apokolips. Darkseid can emit powerful beams of energy from his eyes and hands that could bend and travel however he wishes. These beams never ever miss their target and once the target is hit by it, is erased from existence. This is a phenomenon called the Omega Effect. The Omega Effect can also be used by Darkseid to target time travelling individuals, bring the dead back to life and even give ordinary people super powers. There is a reason even Gods fear the Omega Effect. There is no being that can withstand the full force of the Omega Beams. If Darkseid decides to use it, it is game over.

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