10 Superhero Children Way More Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents:

As far as superheroes go, no one comes even close to emulating their popularity. They are the chosen ones. In the comic book universes (and even in the real world sometimes), Superheroes are revered as Gods and are seen as something holding some sacred value. Who are revered more than the superheroes? Why their children of course!! Superheroes live for the world but they also have to leave their legacy behind. For continuing the good work, the children of superheroes take over. And sometimes, the successor turns out to be better at the job than the predecessor. There are children of superheroes in Marvel Comics that are even more powerful than the original holder of the mantle.

 1. Legion

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero ParentsLegion is the son of Professor Charles Xavier. He is actually an omega level mutant with a fractured psyche. When Legion was a child, he soon discovered he had a very powerful mutant ability or shall we say abilities. Legion has several mutant powers. He can use telepathy, telekinesis, controlling and manipulating fire and even use energy blasts. But the list is virtually endless when it comes to his powers. A freak accident later, Legion was forced to absorb the personalities of several criminals and he was left in a mentally unstable state. Now each such personality has access to one specific power level. Legion once traveled back in time using his powers and tried erasing Magneto from the timeline, leading to the Days of Future past event.

 2. Skaar

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

When Hulk was in Sakaar, he married a native woman called Caiera. Caeira died in an explosion that the Hulk suspected was because of the Illuminati and that is how the World War Hulk events began. What the Hulk failed to factor in was that his son, Skaar, was actually alive. Skaar has the power of the Hulk as well as his mother’s ancestral abilities. From the Hulk, he inherits the power of a jade giant – superhuman strength, durability and inhuman endurance and healing factors. From his mother, he inherits the Old Power – an ability that closely resembles the Power Cosmic and is drawn from the planet itself. At one point of time, Skaar absorbed the power from an entire city and grew infinitely stronger than the Hulk.

 3. Polaris

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

Polaris is Magneto’s one of two daughters. Like her father, Polaris is also a master at manipulating magnetic fields and controlling metallic objects and substances. Polaris was once several times weaker than her father at doing this but she found a workaround. Since her powers fell beyond her control once she tried to push herself too hard, Polaris decided to use her metal manipulation ability in a more tactical sense. The result – Polaris developed a more clever use of magnetism, combining it with close quarter strategies that resulted in a unique and deadly fighting technique. Since M-Day, she lost her powers but those were restored to her by Apocalypse. Her new powers are now harder to control but are said to be a hundred times stronger than before.

 4. X-Man

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

Nate Grey aka X-Man is an alternate universe offspring of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, the Phoenix and Cyclops of the X-Men respectively. Nate Grey is an Omega level mutant with the ability of telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection, empathy and portal generation. He can also hop between dimensions as many times as he wishes, an ability that is the reason he is targeted by various fringe groups that intend to exploit his powers. Nate Grey looks a lot like Jesus and there is also a reason behind that. The creator of Nate Grey wanted to create a good guy that is truly untouchable. While Nate grey may not necessarily be completely noble in his intentions, he sure is powerful enough to do whatever the hell he wants.

 5. Franklin Richards

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

Franklin Richards is the son of Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic and Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four! Franklin Richards was born with the power of changing reality, that is, reality manipulation. Franklin Richards developed his mutant ability even before he decided to learn how to walk. He once created a pocket dimension on a whim, the same pocket dimension was later used to preserve the life of several Marvel heroes which would eventually lead to the heroes reborn timeline. The fact that a small kid could do all this is testament enough to his powers. Franklin could decimate the entire universe if he wants to and the world would not be able to say a thing.

 6. Hope Summers

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

Hope Summers is called the Mutant Messiah. In the future, after the Sentinels have all but destroyed Earth, Hope is said to be the only mutant that could change the tide of war against the robotic Sentinel army. Hope Summers learned that she could mimic the ability of any mutant to full effect once that mutant is in Hope’s immediate vicinity. Hope can not only use the power but also retain it for later use, without any distortion in abilities. Cable taught Hope the ins and outs of close quarter combat and Hope has as of now honed her close quarter as well as mutant abilities to its maximum extent.

 7. Cable

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

Cable is the son of Cyclops and Madeline Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey. Cable was born with immense reservoirs of psychic energy. He could move mountains and even cities using just his mind. But when he was still green around the edges, Cable was infected with the Techno-Organic Virus. All his amazing telekinetic and telepathic powers go to waste since most of it is now concentrated into his body, trying to keep the virus contained. So Cable now uses more of technology and less of his superhuman powers in the battlefield. But there are times when he is free of the Virus clenching his body, like when Jean Grey volunteers to replace Cable’s telekinesis at keeping the virus at bay. Then Cable can unleash his truly spectacular array of abilities. Once unhindered, Cable can take on anyone. He becomes the true definition of mind over matter.

 8. Genesis

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

Genesis is the second name adopted by the son of Apocalypse, previously called Kid Apocalypse. Not much is known about Genesis but it is said that he has the ability to truly surpass his father Apocalypse, the world’s first ever mutant. Genesis has attended the Jean Grey School of higher learning and has managed to stay on the good side of things unlike his father. But the tables could turn at any moment. All it takes is one bad day to turn this innocent kid into a blood-thirsty super villain. Genesis has all the powers of his father and he is not even up to his prime of age. He has already gone toe to toe with Archangel, one of the four Horsemen of Apocalypse, one on one, and lived to tell the tale.

 9. Carnage

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

The law of the Symbiotes is – their off-springs will always be more evolved than the parent. In case of Venom, Carnage – the child of Venom, was not just more powerful and more agile, but also ten times crazier. Bonding with a serial killer gave Carnage the added edginess that is the trademark signature of Carnage in the comic books now. The fact that the Klyntar organism knows all of Venom’s secrets and has all of its abilities is already an advantage. But Carnage has his own unique abilities that Venom does not possess like using his symbiotic tendrils in the form of projectiles and sharp edged weaponry.

 10. X-23

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

Laura Kinney is not exactly the daughter of Wolverine but she was born out of Wolverine’s DNA and Logan considers her his own daughter, so she fits the criteria to make it to the list. X-23, unlike Wolverine, was literally born into an adamantium skeleton. The healing factor, the animalistic instinct, the claws – something that Wolverine got only after puberty, Laura was trained to use them in combat since Day 1. And that is what makes her infinitely more powerful than Logan. She is well-versed in more ways than one to do things just like or even better than Wolverine ever could. She is a born human weapon while Wolverine had to train himself to get where he is right now.

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