6 Major Superheroes That Batman Has Beaten [You won’t believe no. 2]

Batman is the smartest superhero character of the DC Universe and a strong cinematic comic book card. He is known for his technical intelligence and beating the shit out of criminality in Gotham City, but sometimes even Batman had a tough time in defeating villains and some other superheroes. So, here we are counting down six major superheroes that Batman has beaten.

1) Superman

6 Major Superheroes That Batman Has Beaten

He is a fellow superhero and a very good friend of him. But he has defeated the Man of Steel in Frank Miller’s 1986 comic book ‘The Dark Knight Returns’. Although, Batman had armors and a few tech-based tricks up his sleeve namely a gun that shoots sonic waves and gloves that electrocuted opponents.

2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


He encountered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a crossover comic book. Despite being outnumbered and having a little knowledge about the turtles, he fought well in the battle using the equipment and training to knock the Turtles around for a while.

3) The Hulk


In a crossover comic in the 80’s, there was a face-off between Batman and Hulk. During a fight he bursts chemicals in the air, Hulk attempts a solution of holding his breath, while Batman uses a brief respite to kick his opponent in the stomach.

4) Catwoman


Not long after making out with Catwoman on a rooftop, Batman instantly turns on her when she tries to stop him from killing the Joker although it’s not technically a fight. He immediately attacks Catwoman’s gunshot wounds causing her to pass out from the pain.

5) Captain America


In a 90’s crossover event, the best of the DC’s superhero Batman matchups with the Marvel’s most favorite superhero Captain America. During the battle, the two superheroes are so evenly matched that they fight for hours, and eventually ending up in the sewers. The winner was decided by the fan votes.

6) Green Arrow

6 Major Superheroes That Batman Has Beaten
6 Major Superheroes That Batman Has Beaten

In Batman/Superman #14, Pretenders to the Throne, Batman and Superman became oppressive dictators. The Dark Knight defeated Green Arrow with the help of Superman during the fight when the Man of Steel used his heat vision to reduce Green Arrow to the ashes.


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