Castle Season 8 Episode 4: 3 Interesting Twists

For those of you who have followed ABC’s TV series “Castle”, you’re in for some exciting twists this season as Rick Castle still attempts to romantically pursue Beckett back.

Before we get to that, let us first take a look at “Castle” Season 8 Episode 4 which is grandly entitled, “What Lies Beneath.” In “Castle” Season 8 Episode 4, Rick investigates the death of his mystery novelist’s idol. While he is determined to solve the murder, he is also faced with the dilemma of wooing the stubborn Beckett back. Together they both search for answers and the ultimate truth behind the mystery.

The three interesting twists that “Castle” Season 8 Episode 4 tells us are:

1. The controversial breakup


The show is getting hotter than before and more interesting as the controversial breakup definitely made waves in the show. The showrunners must have lost their minds or is just preparing for a grander show that will have fans wanting for more.


2. A lighter side to the show


“Castle” is not merely a drama show but also a comedy romance show. Showrunners are trying to bring the show back to the time where everybody fell in love with it. A show full of twist and turns as well as conspiracies you would not likely expect.

3. Castle and Beckett all the way


Although the breakup might have proven to be difficult, the crime fighting couple will still have plenty of time together working cases. By doing the same thing before they fell in love with each other, soon the electricity will return and maybe spark the return of the feelings they have which was certainly lacking for a long time now.


So if you are excited to see the new episodes of “Castle”, Season 8 episode 4 is certainly a big jump off as you will relive their break-up and see the aftermath that Castle and Beckett had to go through. Castle and Beckett are set to end up working together again so be sure to watch and see their chemistry fill up as they solve mysteries together. “Castle” will air on Monday at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.

Aditya Goel

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