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Disney+: 10 Things In Loki That Don’t Make Total Sense

The Loki series on Disney+ has come to an end. The season finale of the show introduced us to the “Citadel at the end of time”. Sylvie and Loki Prime entered the citadel to be greeted by Miss Minutes who made an interesting offer to the latter. Loki was moved to tears by the offer. Nevertheless, the team moved on and killed He Who Remains. While the end was explosive the series still took a lot of liberties with its story. We have collected 10 things in Loki that don’t make total sense. Take a look:

Things In Loki That Don’t Make Total Sense

Why Did Kang not instruct The TVA to catch Sylvie?

It is common knowledge now that He Who Remains and Kang are basically the same people. They have knowledge about the sacred timelines and are also the ones who discover the Multiverse. Consequently, Kang has a lot of knowledge about the sacred timeline. He knows things to a certain point so it follows he knows where Sylvie is at all times. She was a thorn in the side of the TVA, if Kang wanted her gone, she should have been gone. Unless he has a different plan.

Why does Alioth Listen to Kang?

MCU fans may not know who Alioth is, but comic readers do. Alioth is one of those beings who broke free from the constraints of time. His empire is larger than Kang’s. In fact, he has terrorized Kang’s city of Chronopolis multiple times. Then why oh why is he a pet to Kang in the Loki series. Did Kang raise him from infancy or did he read him night stories? I apologize for being curt, but the writer’s attitude of “because I say so” is getting old with recoloring comic characters.

Why was Mobius permitted to use Loki?

Things in Loki That Don’t Make Total Sense

The TVA represents a writing trope of monotony. It is an organization that is very similar to the IRS. Orders are absolute, documentation is filed in triplicate, and rules are followed. If you disobey or step out of line you are removed with immediate effect. Pruned for all eternity, never to be heard from again. But a very big departure from this mode of thinking was when Ravonna let Mobius use Loki to find Sylvie. Comic TVA would never allow something like that unless it was convenient to the Plot.

Why The Hell Does Kang Not WIN at the Start?

Kang has a lot of knowledge of the sacred timeline. He knows what will happen up to a certain point. The conqueror is also in control of the TVA. SO our question is, Why does allow things to get so far. Why does He Who Remains is allowed to die and how does Loki made it so far. Unless all of it was part of the sacred timeline. We just think this is a cheap cop-out for writers.

Variants don’t make good employees

While that idea of recycling and repurposing is good in a corporate structure. It becomes absolutely horrible when taken on a multiversal scale. Even more so when the people being repurposed are the ones that were supposed to be pruned. It is very hard to think that variants would make good agents and yet the TVA did just that. Are we surprised that things ended the way they did in this lax administration?

Why was Alioth idling

As mentioned before, Alioth is a pretty powerful entity. The comic abilities of the character are exorbitant but even the MCU counterpart is powerful. So why does Alioth let things survive in the void? Why are they not destroyed as soon as they enter that plane? It doesn’t make a lot of sense that such a powerful beast would let its prey organize and yet that is exactly what he does let happen.

Why weren’t there more people in the Void

The Void was just good bait. It did little more than shifting the background scenery and introduce a bunch of different Lokis. Now, we can understand Alioth being lazy but why would he only leave the Lokis alive. This is pretty strange, we should have at least got a look at some alternate versions of other Avengers. I mean is World War Hulk too much to ask for.

Does Loki Age?

It was slightly strange that the classic Loki was old. It makes a lot of sense as it symbolizes that the classic time is long gone. But from a lore point of view, we have to remember that Loki is a God and he should not age. It is thereby very strange that the classic Loki is old. It is a lore inconsistency at the very least.

Who gave Kid Loki The Authority?

Things in Loki That Don’t Make Total Sense

Kid Loki was a fun little variant introduced with the others in the void. It was revealed that he killed his Thor and hence was thought to be the strongest. But that doesn’t follow because the classic Loki was shown to be more powerful, so why was the Kid in charge again?

If Kang can do it then so can Loki

The reveal of Classic Loki’s powers was definitely fun but it was also very inconsistent with the plot. He revealed that he had powers that none of the other Lokis did and he could do a lot more than they could imagine. But the classic Loki never attempted to control Alioth or even defeat him with his unprecedented powers. It is very strange that they would make this reveal only to not use it in any way.

So these are the things in Loki that don’t make total sense. Can you make sense out of these questions? We’re open to your opinions. Do let us know.

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