4 HULK Villains Who Drove Him To the Breaking Point

Adversaries are the most important show-stealers in the comic book world who always try to break the superheroes’ strategy to kill them. We have talked about the rogues of Batman, The Flash, Superman and Iron Man. And we know how interesting they are. But one of the strongest and eye-catching characters, Hulk, has quite an interesting list of rogues. So here, we are counting down on top four Hulk enemies.



Sandman is one of the known archenemies of Spider-Man. Also known as Flint Marko, Sandman turned into a living sand after he came in contact with the nuclear-irradiated sand. Once he tried to take advantage of the Hulk in order to reunite with his ally Blastaar and steal a rocket to enter the Negative Zone.

The Red King


Red King appears the first time in The Incredible Hulk vol. 3 #92 in 2006, who is also the ruler of planet Sakaar. Also known as Angmo Asan, the Red Kind maintained his rule through the fear. He crafted a suit for himself with the latest technology in the world. He is the main antagonist of the Planet Hulk.

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