10 Unbelievable Star Wars Projects That Were Unfortunately Cancelled

The most recent installment of Star Wars franchise is Star Wars: The Last Jedi who is doing great the box-office. But the movie has turned out to be the very definition of “polarization” as it literally divided the fans from the middle. Never before have we seen this kind of phenomenon where fans either loved the movie or hated it like anything.

On one hand, a particular section of Star Wars base heaped massive amount of praise as the movie was a major departure from a typical Star Wars movie, while the rest of the fans slammed the movie as it did not have the tone or pace like the Original Trilogy. These guys would even praise the horrible prequels but for some weird reason they hated ‘The Last Jedi’. Anyways…moving on…

Star Wars has been a gold mine of sorts for Lucas Films. It pushed the name of the production house which was unheard of until then into becoming a staple of Hollywood fiction. And Lucas Films tapped the fervor of Star Wars to the hilt with original trilogies, prequels, spin-offs and planned productions. But many of them, although interesting were canceled.

10. Darth Vader TV Specials

Darth Vader is the character that is most well known in the entire Star Wars saga. He is one of the most iconic villains who has ever stepped foot on the big screen. Disney and Lucas Films knew how bankable a character Darth Vader is and therefore decided to exploit it. A TV Show focusing on Darth Vader was on the cards.

We say ‘was’ because the show has been effectively put on ice. After the debacle of Kylo Ren, fans would like to see the one true Sith return back to the screens. Fans would love to see an entire show dedicated to Vader explaining his origins, his childhood, his attraction towards the dark side and his rise to power.

9. R2-D2 and C-3PO movie

A movie supposedly featuring the two most famous droids of the Galaxy was already in George Lucas’s mind. But the studio had other plans and his ideas were shelved. They enjoy their own massive fan following on social media. They have an odd but charming chemistry in the Star Wars movies that almost makes them a couple.

In an interview with Prevue magazine, Lucas said he would have made a trilogy out of the droids if he had his way with the studio. But for now, the Droids cartoon will have to do. Maybe in the future Disney would take them seriously and invest money in their possible spin-off.

8. Boba Fett Video Game

Boba Fett was cool even before the word cool arrived in Hollywood. The Inter-Galactic bounty hunter was badass and nothing could stand in his way. He is well-known for getting the job done in the galaxy. A video game titled Star War 1313 was supposed to focus on Boba Fett and his exploits but it did not.

But after Disney acquired Lucas Films, the video game became nothing more than a pipe dream with the entire team working on the game given the pink slip.

7. Sequel to the Original Trilogy

Many do not know an amazing fact about Star Wars – George Lucas had originally planned for 12 movies; he had to settle for directing only 3. Just Imagine for a second – 9 more Star Wars movies but alas..

The 12 movies would have been told in episodic format. There were also rumors of another sister to Luke Skywalker (which was not Leia) and Luke having children of his own in a separate adventure in a Galaxy far, far away. This storyline surely would have added spice to the current family drama. On one hand, Luke’s children would have carried forward his legacy and restore Jedi order while Leia’s sister could have been an emotional anchor in the absence of Han Solo.

6. Jedi Outlaw

Jedi Outlaw was a game that was set 500 years after the Original Trilogy. Relentless skirmishes between the Sith and the Jedi has ruined all chances of peace and prosperity and the Galaxy is in utter turmoil.

The game would have focused on a descendant of Luke Skywalker as he tries to clear his name for a murder he did not commit. Luke is one of the most admired and recognized Star Wars character, someone who is not even a fan of Star Wars have at least once heard of Luke Skywalker. A game based on Luke’s trials and tribulations would have been a blockbuster.

5. Splinter of the Mind’s Eye

Alan Dean Foster was personally appointed by George Lucas to write a novelization of the Star Wars films. He was also then commissioned to write a second novel for a cheap follow up movie.

The movie would have been named Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and would focus on Leia and Luke’s adventures to retrieve a powerful Force Sensitive object. This was an interesting spin-off proposal that was not greenlit by the studio. It could have worked and turned out to be a lost opportunity.

4. Clone Wars Spinoff Series

This was another instance where Disney let us down. A spinoff of the Clone Wars animated series Season 5’s ‘Young Padawans’ arc was in the cards.

But Disney took over the project and outright canceled it, leaving no chance for the series to have a future. The ideas of the spinoff series were then absorbed into other productions.

3. Imperial Commando

The 2005’s cult favorite Republic Commando showed the soldiers’ take on the entire war scenario between the rebels and the Empire. The low sales of the game turned down any hopes of a sequel titled Imperial Commando.

The game would have seen the player donning the helmet of an Imperial Stormtrooper and fighting for the Empire against the Rebel Alliance. Trying to be the bad guy for once would have been so much cooler!!!

2. Star Wars: Proteus

Star Wars

This is another game that has been forever cursed to the development hell. Star Wars: Proteus is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG for short that would have seen players creating and assuming their own avatars and forging their own paths in the Star Wars universe.

They could be a Sith, a Jedi, a Storm Trooper or a Rebel Soldier. The game would have allowed a player to be anything he wanted. It was conceived as a strategy game which would have tested players on the knowledge of how the galaxy actually works, the politics and machinations behind everything that happens. It is not necessary that a Jedi is better than a Storm Trooper or Sith can easily beat a Rebel soldier.

 1. Star Wars: Underground

Star Wars

There is a version of the Star Wars no one has ever explored much. Every movie is about either the Rebels or the Empire. But what about the Galaxy’s criminal Underworld?!? There is a dark underbelly of the galaxy that has never been brought into the limelight in the movies.

Galactic Extortion and Prostitution rings, alien pimps and mercenaries along with the criminal scum and vermin of the underworld – all could have been the focus of Star Wars: Underground. The protagonist would undoubtedly have been Boba Fett.

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