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MCU Theory: The Eternals Were Responsible For The Avengers’ Creation

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the culmination of years of world development. We are able to witness Phase 4 for a comic book movie franchise because marvel has taken the time to build it. There can be no doubt in the fact that we all love the headliners of the MCU. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the other Avengers are a part of our childhood now. They will forever have a place in our hearts. But we must remember that the MCU is growing every day. Marvel is making use of all its characters from the comics. The latest batch to be integrated into the MCU is that of the Eternals. Although the upcoming movie will focus on a self-contained narrative, we have come across a theory that suggests that the Eternals were responsible for The Avengers’ creation.

Reddit user u/Thanosisfather shared this theory. The theory in itself is pretty expansive and goes into a lot of detail and takes a lot of assumptions, but for the sake of simplicity, we will focus on our core idea. the user suggests a scenario where the Eternals battled Thanos. They battled him because he is born of them, but he was born with Deviant genes. You see, The Eternals have enemies. Their arch-nemeses are The Deviants, and when The Eternals gave birth to Thanos they noticed that he was more Deviant than Eternal.

The Theory

Eternals Were Responsible For The Avengers’ Creation

The user then suggests that because of his heritage and genealogy Thanos was imprisoned on Titan. Titan was a harsh place with scarce resources so the population soon perished after Thanos’ imprisonment began. The Mad Titan got his motivation from this tragedy and started a crusade to find all the infinity gems. In his murder-filled quest, he was interrupted by The Eternals who sought to end his rampage. Alas! they were no match for the furious Titan. Thanos dispatched off The Eternals one by one and continued on his journey.

The Eternals, defeated and distraught, returned to their homes on Earth. They knew that Thanos needed to be stopped and they alone were not capable of achieving this feat. So The Eternals decided to influence humanity in a way that they would be able to fight off Thanos when the time came. The Theory is that at this point The Eternals used their secret identities and moved behind the scenes to create powerful humans and human organizations that would be able to win an Infinity War. Succeed where they had failed.

Eventually, these efforts led to the creation of the Avengers. One of the ideas is that the Eternals even influenced the super soldier program that created Captain America. They could have also blessed Howard Stark with the knowledge necessary to create the things that he envisioned. All of this comes down to the immortality of The Eternals themselves. The Theory is solid only if The Eternals actually lost to Thanos.

The Analysis

Eternals Were Responsible For The Avengers’ Creation

Now, the main problem with this idea is that no one could have predicted the existence of Superheroes. Well, no one except super-powered immortal beings who are hiding out on earth preparing for a war that we did not know was even coming. The Eternals are very intelligent and chaos theory is like a child’s puzzle to them. They could have made plans to create the Avengers way before any of the Original Avengers were born. The idea may be a little hard to visualize but it sure seems cool.

A mastermind race of space beings was preparing to fight Thanos even before the events of Iron Man. This is the kind of benefit we draw from the existence of a shared universe. We can add cool stuff to it retrospectively as long as it does not conflict with established canon. However, fan headcanon is a different ballgame. We do love our conjecture though, and we won’t let it go until these movies stop coming out. The idea of Eternals as some kind of puppeteers may be an interesting one but it is unlikely to be true.

Eternals is supposed to be its own thing. We may get a nod at the new superpower cosmic thing that will become the center of attention in Phase 4, but the confirmation of the Eternals as supervillains is highly unlikely. However, there is always the possibility that one or two of them are rotten. After all, what is the point of introducing a bunch of characters and not even making one of them evil?

Let us know your thoughts on our theory.

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