Marvel Comics Update: Doctor Strange Gets A New Costume & An Asgardian Upgrade

With the rerun of Marvel comics, Doctor Strange began his story with a mysterious opening where Stephen Strange who was the Sorcerer Supreme had lost all his powers. Just imagine the MCU version of Doctor Strange being powerless. Even after gaining so much of knowledge, it would still leave him miserable as he would have to go on the path of self-discovery once again, find a new meaning for his life. A new sense of belongingness. This could be the plot of the third Doctor Strange movie which will become the ultimate test for him.

In the comics, magic started to fade on Earth which is why a conversation with Tony Stark inspired Stephen Strange to leave earth and roam around in the cosmos in search of new magics to wield. This leads him on a very adventurous journey as he takes a friend along, who goes by the name of Kanna. In this particular renewed run, Strange learns many new tricks, but just recently, he got a totally new Asgardian magic upgrade and then the story picks up from Issue #4.

In this particular issue, Strange goes on a rescue mission along with his new companion Kanna and their goal is to save the Nidavellirian dwarf named Eoffren from the malevolent Majesdane. For those who are not familiar with Eoffren, he is one of the dwarves of Nidavellir who is a master craftsman with the abilities to forge legendary magical weapons. Nidavellir was recently featured in Avengers: Infinity War and the viewers are aware that this is the place where Thor’s weapons were made.

Now since this is a Superhero story, nothing can ever go so smoothly, and the mission that Kanna and Strange are on obviously goes sideways. Strange managed to save Eoffren but Kanna was left behind within the grasp of the Majesdane. So basically, Strange traded Kanna for Eoffren. But since he is the hero of the story, he had to get her back.

But in order to save her, he becomes a student once again, to be even more proficient with his power, and this time it was Eoffren who offered Strange his guidance. Strange learned to create new magical weapons in Eoffren’s mystical Forge, as he mixed new Mantras to materials and weapons that are nowhere found on Earth.

He learns ancient cosmic magic and even invents new ones. When he finishes his training and is finally ready to save Kanna, he gets a new costume which totally differentiates him from the old Sorcerer Supreme that we are familiar of. Along with the suit, he picks a new weapon to use which is a sword referred to as a scalpel. The insane ability that this sword is that it is able to cut through the fabric of reality itself. If you thought that the Scalpel is the only thing he employs, you thought wrong because he also wields new artifacts which are no match for the villainous Majesdane.

One apparent magical artefact that he uses is a gauntlet which actually magnifies his mystical reach by giving him multiple hands made up of energy. With this insane power upgrade, Doctor Strange 2.0 defeats the Majesdane with ease and becomes the strongest version of himself. The Doctor Strange we knew earlier was just familiar with Earth’s magic, but that was too weak compared to what he has become now. Knowing so many new cosmic mystical arts and having the assistance of Asgardian magic, Doctor Strange is now ready to go back home!

But how will he go back home? The previous issues established another player who is posing as Stephen Strange on Earth. We still don’t have the answer to who that is? Or is it completely opposite to what we are thinking? Is the new cosmic Doctor Strange a villain that the one on Earth has to prepare for? Or is the cosmic Doctor Strange a fabric of an alternate reality or an aspect of a totally different timeline? With magic, we never know what is possible and what’s gonna happen.

Marvel Comics Update: Doctor Strange Gets A New Costume & An Asgardian Upgrade

What we know is that this new version of Doctor Strange is at the peak of his strength. He is stronger than ever and we need a version like him on the big screen as well. Perhaps the future movies will take an inspiration from this new storyline. We will only find out once the movie hits theatres in 2020.  

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