New Avengers: Infinity War Theory Explains Why The Infinity Gauntlet is Cursed

Avengers: Infinity War was a remarkable movie that spawned a lot of thoughts in our brains. It was a mega-crossover Superhero fiction that was so relatable on a human level in the real world. Thanos did not just use the Gauntlet to wipe out half the population, he used it upon the viewers as well. Leaving the theatres, people were partially convinced of his deeds, but what was the cost of it? Thanos paid the ultimate price, and so did we (literally $2 Billion+). So that also spawns a new fan theory which suggests that is the Infinity Gauntlet cursed?

New Avengers: Infinity War Theory Explains Why The Infinity Gauntlet is Cursed

A Redditor named TheLazerShell has given his detailed explanation of why he believes that the Infinity Gauntlet is actually cursed! He connects the theory to the 6 gems of Infinite power, with the Soul Stone having its drawbacks for the one who uses it. He wrote:

“This all stems from this theory: That the Soul Stone has a setback. It connects the user to the emotions of the person it’s being used on. So when Thanos used it in the snap, it connected him to every being in the universe, in that last moment he felt all the sadness, pain and suffering in the entire universe.

So because of this, in Avengers 4, he’s actually going to be a lot more hesitant towards using the Stones. He’s not GONNA want to use them, he’s achieved his goal, what could he possibly use them for except for farming, and it’s not like somebody could find him if he’s gone to a totally random planet.

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But, he didn’t realize that there’s a price to be paid for this. The Gauntlet was cursed – whoever uses the snap has the permanent scarring on his arm, but also The Gauntlet is permanently etched onto their skin.”

As Baron Mordo explained that we cannot just interfere with the natural law and that the bill always comes due. So Thanos will have to pay the indefinite price in Avengers 4. This is why the Redditor explains that the big Snap actually had to happen. Doctor Strange claimed that there was no other way. The Reddit user mentions in his theory that all the 14 Million + possibilities where the Avengers would have lost were all the futures where the Snap never happened! The one future where Doctor Strange proposed the victory of Avengers was only after the Snap.

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That is how Thanos will be weakened, and the Avengers will gain the upper hand. That is how Thanos will know the cost of tampering with natural law and be afraid to pay the price again. His theory talks about the fact that having felt all the pain and suffering of the snap victims, and being scarred for life, Thanos would be very hesitant to use the stones again even if he has it at a very close proximity. That is why he has his armor and a giant blade-like weapon once again in the Avengers 4 concept art. The Redditor then returns to the matter of the Gauntlet being cursed. He proposes another great possibility claiming that it was the Mind Stone that put the curse upon it.

He continued:

“Remember the first stone Thanos ever had? Back in Avengers 1 he willingly gave the Mind Stone to Loki. Now, remember that the Mind Stone is a fully conscious, thinking thing. In Avengers 1 it makes the Avengers turn against one another and fight (3 pieces of evidence: The Shot zooms in on the Mind Stone, which produces a buzzing noise and the whole shot turns upside down for a moment. This was also pointed to in the original script. And the characters all act out of character in this scene – Steve is more aggressive towards everything Stark does, Banner is unaware of picking up the Scepter, Thor insults humans and Tony is sweating and holding his head) In Avengers Age of Ultron Tony compares The Mind Stone to Jarvis, to which Banner says “It’s thinking. It’s like neurons firing”

So, I think the Mind Stone is actually what “Cursed’ the Gauntlet. It spent 6 years with the Avengers, learning, collecting information, thinking… It went back to Thanos, which it did not like, and after the snap, it saw that Thanos fears them after use, so it’s using his own fear against him.”

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Honestly, both his explanations were more or less on point and he actually instigated us to think about the argument of the Avengers. That was just a great visualization of the scene. This Redditor may actually be right about the curse if you think about it. But the curse might never be mentioned in Avengers 4.

It comes out on May 3, 2019.

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