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MCU Theory: Deadpool Will Become A Big Bad In The Future

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become too large for us to properly fathom. It encompasses in its grasp numerous movies, TV shows, OTT series, and several tie-in comics. It is an ever-expanding franchise that introduces us to more and more unique characters as the days go by. With the first three phases, we witnessed the rise of one of the most brutal villains in the series, Thanos. The Mad Titan had his mind set on destruction and he achieved it in part until he lost. Now the question is, who will take up villainy in Phase 4 of the MCU. Well, we have a comic-inspired theory that reveals that Deadpool will Become a big bad villain in the MCU.

Deadpool is the foul-mouthed anti-hero of Marvel Multiverse who loves to pull everyone’s legs. His philosophy is a combination of absurdism and nihilism. He is obsessed with his own undeath so he often goes a little ballistic with his actions. No man who has been killed so many times in so many ways can be termed as sane. Deadpool is the least sane of the characters of the Marvel Multiverse, but he considers himself hyper sane. It is a trope often witnessed in the comics with characters like Joker and other villains.

These characters have high amounts of self-confidence and a flair for chaos. They want to watch the world burn so they often light the fires themselves. I am not exaggerating their capabilities, it is their anarchist approach that is often commended by the fans.

Deadpool Killustrated

In a recent comic storyline we witnessed Deadpool do something that is crazy even by his standards consequently, it is our belief that this could seep into the MCU. You see, during the trilogy dubbed “Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe”, Deadpool killed THE ENTIRE MARVEL UNIVERSE. He was pretty crafty about his methods too. The Merc planted artillery inside the Avengers by feeding them shrunk missiles mixed in their food by utilizing Pym Particles. Deadpool pommeled Spider-Man to the ground. Deadpool even negated Wolverine’s healing factor and exposed his real superpower, POPULARITY.

All throughout the comic series, Deadpool went crazier and crazier, until he eventually wound up in the real world and killed the Marvel writers themselves. The story was utterly ridiculous, but only Deadpool can do something so crazy and no one else. It is our belief(and secret hope) that this storyline will soon be adopted into the MCU along with Deadpool’s introduction to the universe. It will act as a gory ending to the characters saga and will solidify his position as a villain

Not all heroes will agree with the Merc with a Mouth’s approach and that is how the killing will start. Once Deadpool gets a taste for it he will be very hard to control. There are not many heroes or villains that can keep up with Deadpool’s crazed fanaticism. The character is very erratic and most of his methods are underhanded. He does not pursue virtue or order, he just wants chaos. What happens when he makes it his life motive to put an end to the entire universe.

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

As soon as Deadpool decides that a universe should end, there is not much we can do to stop him. His meta-knowledge is too high to be countered. There are not many people who can predict his moves. Knowing Deadpool, he would first eliminate the plan makers and then move on to brutes like Wolverine. The Merc cannot be killed, this makes him a perfect candidate for such villainy.

The only issue is that there is no Deadpool in the MCU as of yet. The Fox Universe does have a Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds even floated around the idea of “Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe.” He wanted Deadpool 3 about DP killing off Fox’s X-Men characters and then entering the MCU. But the idea was promptly quashed by the studio. We are still very skeptical about those choices. I think that Deadpool has a lot of potential as a villain, especially because he can never die and hence keep coming back phase after phase.

The sheer idea of such a character going ballistic on the heroes is titillating. We want to witness that carnage that comes from a crazed Deadpool, well, an even more crazed Deadpool. What do you think? Do you believe that Deadpool could make a good villain? Or do you like him more as comic relief? Did we miss something from the storyline? Let us know your opinion in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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