10 Amazingly Awesome Crossover Fights Between Marvel and DC

Marvel and DC characters never stop to amaze us, their breathtaking story plots, amazing fights and cool dialogues always cease the moment with sheer awesomeness.  Movies based on these characters of Marvel and DC is impressive but you know what is more impressive and astounding; comics that are based on these characters and you know why? Because we get to see them fu*kingly cool crossover events that we can only wish to see in movies. So here is a list of 10 amazingly cool crossover fights.

 1. Spiderman vs Superman

Marvel DC crossover fights

It is like a dream for any superhero fan that gets to see this kind of crossover fight. This issue came out with an appropriate name Superman vs. The Amazing Spiderman: The Battle of the Century and gained popularity as hell. This crossover event was one of its kinds and became an inspiration for the crossovers that came in future. In this fight, Lex Luthor tricked both the Spiderman and Superman and this lead to a fight between both the superheroes. Eventually, they resolved the issue and everything went back to normal.

 2. Storm vs Wonder Woman

Two amazing female superheroes that went on to fight each other amazeballs fans quite strongly. Storm from the X-Men and Wonder Woman of DC sparred with each other to the end until Wonder Woman gets defeated by the electric blast from the Storm. Both the female superheroes were on par with each other but Storm had an upper hand.

 3. The Flash vs Quicksilver


Marvel DC crossover fights

Any superhero would have wondered about the fastest character of the comics. For DC, The Flash is the fastest and for Marvel, Quicksilver holds that position. Well, we accept it or not but we do know who is the fastest of them all and when that legendary event happened, the results were the same. The Flash defeated Quicksilver quite easily and won the title of the fastest man in both DC and Marvel world.

 4. Superman vs Thor

Both the mighty warriors from both the comic worlds had one hell of a fight in which Superman was emerged victorious. Both the superheroes were equally powerful and stood their grounds efficiently but everything changed when Superman lifted Thor’s Hammer which means that he is worthy enough, this became the deciding moment of the fight.

 5. Batman vs Hulk

Marvel DC crossover fights

The name of this issue was The monster and the madman which befits the story of this issue perfectly. Now, you must be wondering why the madman because this issue also contains JOKER. One can only imagine what could happen if Hulk and Joker meet and in the issue same thing happened, Hulk went berserker and then Batman and Hulk had a face-off which didn’t go well for the Batman.

 6. Superman vs Venom

Mighty Superman and notorious Venom took on each other in one of the crossover events and this time Venom defeated Superman like he is no one. Venom toyed with Superman and even a helping hand of Spiderman could not change the consequences.

 7. Batman vs Captain America

Marvel DC crossover fights

The result and winner of this fight are quite questionable as we all know that you can’t simply defeat Cap. until or unless you are Thanos and in this fight, Batman emerged victorious and we still are unable to believe that. Batman knocked Captain out with his Batarang. Can you believe that?

 8. Superman vs Hulk

Marvel DC crossover fights

This is a brawl that can eventually disintegrate a city in no time. Mighty Superman vs. Goliath Hulk is not only awesome but is something that a fan cant afford to miss. During their fight in the crossover event, Goliath took on Superman quite nicely and would have been a sure winner but in a turn of events Superman saved Goliath Hulk’s Life from a missile and that’s when everything resolved between them (maybe).

 9. Hawkeye vs Green Arrow

In a crossover event, Ironman and Hawkeye from Marvel faced off with Green Arrow and Captain Atom from DC. Both the teams from different comic universe held their ground quite efficiently but the team from DC eventually got defeated by the team from Marvel.

 10. Superman vs Fantastic Four

Marvel and DC Crossover Fights
Marvel DC crossover fights

This crossover was definitely an unfortunate turn of events for Fantastic Four. Amateur Fantastic Four team against the likes of brawny Superman would have been a nightmare for FF. Well, Superman was not meant to fight the FF team but he got controlled by the Galactus who ordered him to fight the FF team and the results were obvious, FF team made a quick exit from there.

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