5 Robins That Ever Existed in Batman Comics

The History of All Robins Ever Featured in DC Comics.

Robin was originally created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robertson. The character was created to attract a younger audience, it worked. We here have mentioned brief stories of 5 Robins, not considering Kerry Kelly a Robin.

Dick Grayson


Son of John and Mary Grayson, circus acrobats was taken in by Bruce after his parents are killed in an accident which takes place because of Zuco, a crime lord’s henchmen. Batman trains him in fighting skills and detective work, eventually making him his sidekick. Robin- The Boy Wonder eventually became the founder of the Teen Titans. He eventually left Batman and became Nightwing.

Jason Todd

Todd’s first encounter with Batman was when he is caught stealing tyres of the Batmobile by Batman himself. Jason was trained by the Batman but is later relieved off his duties as he uses a gun. He comes to know that his mother wasn’t his biological mother. When he finds out who his real mom is, he sees that she’s being tormented by the Joker. She sells him out to Joker. Todd is killed but returns after years as the Red Hood.

Tim Drake

One of the most talented Robins, Tim had seen the Grayson death. He figured that Dick is Robin after seeing him perform a quadruple summersault. After the death of Todd, Batman grew violent, so Drake goes to Nightwing (Dick) and asks him to become Robin again. When that plan doesn’t work, he himself becomes Robin after being mentally and physically trained by Bruce himself.

Stephanie Brown

She was Tim’s girlfriend who became Robin after Tim’s dad found out about his secret and made him stop being Robin. She wasn’t Robin for long as she was relieved of her duties by Batman because she went against Batman’s orders multiple times.

Damian Wayne


Damian is Bruce and Talia Al Ghul’s son. He was genetically enhanced by being born in an external womb and trained by the League of Assasins. He was Robin when Nightwing was Batman as well as when Bruce returned. He was recently killed by his clone.

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