15 Bold Predictions After Avengers 4 That Will Completely Shock You

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest brand in Hollywood now, and it is known for bringing out the most amazing Superhero movies you could ever imagine. 19 movies in and we still are not feeling sick of them, instead people want more of these movies as soon as possible. Marvel movies have been insanely unpredictable as the insane plotting that has been done through these 3 Phases moved along with constant planning, and every other movie that comes out is linked to a larger Universe. Avengers 4 is going to be the next big film that Marvel puts out, and it is going to be the culmination of 3 Phases, while it will also serve as a new beginning.

This movie will be the end to what was started by Iron Man in 2008. Throughout the course of these 10 years, Marvel has put out some game changing movies that ended up completely shocking us to the core. Avengers: Infinity War was the best Superhero thriller movie ever, taking the reins from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Now Avengers 4 is said to completely blow us away as it will bring elements that we cannot even imagine. Avengers 4 will completely change the future of the MCU, and here are some bold predictions that Marvel will succumb to in a Phase 4 set up by Avengers 4:

Spider-Man: Far From Home introduces Miles Morales

The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming will take place just weeks after Avengers 4, and it is going to bring us a mature and way more experience Peter Parker, since there will have been more than 2 years passed after the first Spider-Man movie. The first movie sowed the seeds for yet another version of Spider-Man to be a part of the MCU. The Miles Morales Easter Egg in the movie, showing him related to Donald Glover’s character, we could surely see an introduction to the second Spider-Man in the MCU, who teams up with Peter in Spider-Man 3, and possibly becomes a part of The New Avengers.

Secret Invasion Storyline

Right after the infamous Kree-Skrull wars in the comics, the events of Infinity Gauntlet took place. Following that began the ‘Secret Invasion’ run, where the Skrulls invaded Earth thinking that the Kree and Earth are involved with the loss of life on their planet. Now due to the Big Finger Snap of Infinity War, the Skrulls will also have suffered the loss of half the population on their planet. Since the Skrulls will have a banter with Earth following Captain Marvel, they will place secret agents on Earth, and we are going to see a plot being set up for the future in Avengers 4. This would not only be touched in Avengers 5, but will also be a significant part of the Captain Marvel franchise.

Doctor Strange 2 features the MCU Illuminati

Doctor Strange 2 is under development with Director Scott Derrickson and writer Robert C. Cargill who has confirmed that Nightmare is going to be the villain of the movie. But this movie will surely go on path that leads to something bigger. This movie will start a storyline of the Illuminati featuring the characters of the team. This team could further lead to its own movie giving us something different from “The Avengers”. The members of the team will however be altered as the likes of Iron Man and Black Bolt will not be around.

Guardians Vol. 3 will have Adam Warlock as the big bad

Well, this prediction has the biggest chance of being absolutely correct. In Vol.2, we saw Ayesha giving life to Adam Warlock, and since he has been absent from the 2 Avenger movies, we will see him being introduced in Vol. 3. But it will not be as a Superhero at first, as the Guardians will have to take on the biggest threat they have ever faced till now. But towards the end of the movie, Warlock will have a change of heart and that would lead to his own solo movies in the future.

4-5 MCU movies become a Regular Thing

The MCU has slowly and steadily picked up the pace, and they have now started to produce 3 movies per year. But with the MCU Roster turning huge with every movie that releases and the upcoming Disney streaming service, Marvel will surely increase the number of movies they produce in a year to 4. Also, with the upcoming Disney-Fox merger, this looks to be inevitable!

Galactus becomes the new Big Bad

After Thanos is out of the picture, Marvel will be looking for other big villains to be set up for 10 years down the lane. With Fox having significantly used up the likes of Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix, Marvel will look towards bringing out a mighty villain that deserves the stature that is currently being given to Thanos. With the Disney Fox merger, Marvel will surely put out Galactus as the main Villain!

Nova gets a solo film

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige revealed that Nova is one character who has the “immediate potential” to join the MCU in Phase 4. The Nova Corps has already been established in the first Guardians movie, and Avengers: Infinity War confirmed that Thanos wreaked havoc upon Xandar to retrieve the Power Gem. So, this itself may lead to the origin story of Nova. There have been two versions of Nova in the comics by the name of Sam Alexander and Richard Rider. Richard Rider has been name-dropped by James Gunn, but we may get a movie that has both versions of the hero as both wield the power of the Nova Force – and use it to devastating effect against their enemies.

An All-Female Team Up movie is Inevitable

With The Wasp, Captain Marvel and Black Widow getting the spotlight in their own movies, this is for sure going to be a case where we see an all-female team-up film. Kevin Feige has recently mentioned that in the near future, we are going to see so many female Superheroes that more than half of the heroes will be females. Tessa Thompson has already pitched this as an idea, while Feige has also teased the entry of Kamala Khan after Captain Marvel. So, in this female team-up movie, we could be seeing Valkyrie, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Okoye, Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Nebula, The Wasp and Ms. Marvel all team up to take on a definite threat.

Namor gets introduced as a villain in Black Panther 2

Well, there is no doubt in the fact that a hugely successful movie will get a sequel, and even a full trilogy. The first movie brought in a really amazing villain with Killmonger. To top that, Marvel will have to play their chips even higher. For that, they could actually bring in Namor as the antagonist. Namor being the villain could work in the same way it has worked for Erik Killmonger and even the Winter Soldier in the MCU. First Namor’s interests could Conflict with Black Panther’s and then he has a change of hearts, and becomes the hero we know he is getting his own solo movies.

No Avengers will be recast

Since the MCU is every growing and evolving franchise, the characters that it puts out are irreplaceable and a part of a shared Universe. With many of the contracts of major big guns from the MCU like RDJ, Chris Evans and Hemsworth getting expired, people could be expecting that for their characters to continue, Marvel will probably replace these actors, but that would be completely impossible in the MCU. Marvel will either retire or kill these characters and take a different direction focusing on new characters instead.

All MCU Mutants Be Based On Super Soldier Experiments Like Captain America

Since the mutants were not a part of the MCU in any way till now, it will be really difficult to suddenly bring up mutants out of nowhere. The mutants of the Marvel universe are identified by the existence of the X-gene. Since there hasn’t been anything specific like that, The solution to all these problems could be ‘The Ultimates Comic’ series of the X-Men. For those of you who don’t know what happened in this series, the comic explored a totally different way to the origin of the Mutants. It said that Mutants were not a natural part of the world, and they were rather created by experiments done by men.

Just like Captain America, Imagine a scenario where the USA after seeing a successful Steve Rogers experiment decide to make Super Soldiers of their own and in pursuit of that, they try to experiment on countless humans throughout the world by picking up potential subjects. And since they did not have the expertise of the German Doctor Erskine, so all their experiments failed, but these experiments were able to physically alter the genes of these subjects, adding the “X-Gene” into their body which was passed on throughout generations by these subjects as they lived their lives, and now, these genes have started to manifest in the decedents of these subjects. This could be insane!

The Captain America mantle is retired

We know that Chris Evans is not going to be involved with MCU after Avengers 4, and it is highly likely that Cap will die. We already have thought of either Bucky or Sam taking on the mantle of Captain America. But instead, to keep the mantle of Cap sacred like Iron Man’s, the MCU could choose to have Bucky and Sam do their own thing instead of becoming the new Captain America.

Thor becomes an official Guardian of the Galaxy

Seeing how well Thor gelled with the Guardians in Infinity War and had an amazing trio with Rocket and Groot, we could actually see him tagging along with the Guardians in the future. Hemsworth is absolutely interested to return as the God of Thunder after Avengers 4 so this could be a big possibility in Vol. 3 or any other spin-off in space.

Marvel gets its first Critical failure!

The MCU has a 100% success rate at the Box Office and with the critics even after having 19 movies out in total. The upcoming movies look to be going on a similar path. But as talked above, Marvel will soon start producing 4-5 movies every year, and with so many movies coming out, there could be a chance of having a film that actually turns out to be mediocre of actually below Average. Sounds unbelievable, but it is possible!

Black Panther and Captain Marvel lead the new Avengers

Marvel phase 4 predictions after avengers 4

It is highly likely that Black Panther and Captain Marvel will be the new Iron Man and Captain America of the MCU in Phase 4. They will be the ones will lead the team of the rest of the Avengers which will include Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, the Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Falcon and the White Wolf!  

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