10 Interesting Details You Missed in Ant-Man Movies

Details Missed In Ant-Man Movies:

Ant-Man is one of the most entertaining and engaging MCU movies as it is often overshadowed by the mainstream ones. Ant-Man is the bridge between MCU and the more dynamic scientific realm. It was Ant-Man who introduced the concept of time-travel, the quantum realm, and a time machine to the Avengers in the Endgame. The mighty heroes of Earth couldn’t have retrieved the stones and saved the world without this underrated hero. The studio has done utmost justice to his tales with accuracy and comedy. You’ll be mind-boggled to see the little fascinating details in the movie that highlight Ant-Man and the rest of Marvel Universe. Find out 10 interesting details that you missed in Ant-Man movies.

 1. Tales To Astonish

Remember the easily forgotten jealous villain in the first Ant-Man movie? As Darren Cross talks about Hank Pym’s version of Ant-Man while showing footage of his adventures, Pym’s nemesis refers to it as “Tales to Astonish”. Interestingly, Ant-Man’s first appearance in the comics was in Tales to Astonish #35 in 1962.

 2. Garrett Morris Cameo

Actor Garret made a cameo in the Ant-Man and had many of us wondering the reason. It was a blink-and-you-will-miss-it moment when Scott Lang falls on top of a cab. That cab was being driven by Morris. Well, Morris had a long-term connection with the superhero as he appeared as Ant-Man in a Saturday Night Live episode called “Superhero Party”. It aired in 1979 so we can’t expect the gen y and z to recognize him.

 3. Janet van Dyne Appeared In Ant-Man

Janet Van Dyne aka the original Wasp was indicated in the first Ant-Man movie. Her silhouette or ghost-like figure had appeared in Ant-Man when Scott was traveling through the Quantum Realm.

 4. The Soda Bottle Passes On

The soda beverage Pingo Doce Guarana has an age-old affair with the MCU, starting from The Incredible Hulk. Edward Norton’s Bruce Banner used to work at the factory where the soda was produced. Even the great Stan Lee had drunk from the soda bottle in The Incredible Hulk. The poster of the same soda brand was also seen in Ant-Man when Scott was crossing it.

 5. Hank Pym’s Parking Lot

Hank Pym’s shrinking technology can solve the parking space crisis. Most of us think that we learned about Pym’s shrunk trailer in Ant-Man2. But he had been relying on this tech for many years. We saw a miniature version of his regular car placed on his coffee table in the 1st installment when Darren visited him.

 6. Scott Lang’s House Is Half-Way

The attention to detail of MCU is hilarious every time they play this card. Scott told his family that his new home was half-way down the street. It turns out that the ‘halfway house’ was literally half-way from Cassie’s. While Scott’s former wife and kid lived in building #840, Scott’s new address was #420. Talk about accuracy!

 7. Scott In Basking Robbins

Scott was wearing the nametag of Jack while working at Basking Robbins. It is an interesting little detail as actor Paul Rudd’s son is named Jack. Furthermore, Scott’s colleague at the parlor was named Darby which is also the name of Rudd’s daughter.

 8. Scott Lang’s Size Measurement

Scott’s first experience in the Ant-Man suit was in a bathroom. He conveniently shrunk beside a drain stopper whose measurement was written on top of it. The stopper plug was facing the camera and read 1 ½ inch to give an idea of Ant-Man’s size.

 9. Sokovia News

Details Missed In Ant-Man Movies
Details Missed In Ant-Man Movies

Ant-Man made its debut in the MCU in 2015 right after Avengers: Age of Ultron. The franchise smartly indicated the connection between him and the Avengers via the newspaper. The events of Sokovia were happening during the movie and thus appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle.

 10. Thor’s Spot At The HQ

This one was easy to miss as it required a lot of attention. When Scott visited the Avengers headquarters, we got an overview of the HQ from the top. Right in the corner, we could spot a blurry circular mark. This mark was the Bifrost branding left by Thor in Avengers: Age of Ultron when he took off for Asgard.

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