Here’s Why Wonder Woman is the Most Amazing Female Superhero in DC Universe

While the world of superheroes may be dominated by a ton of testosterone, 2017 will see a new age of superheroes when Wonder Woman releases her solo film. The DCEU superhero has made her presence felt in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, garnering a new enthusiasm for the Amazonian princess.

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Wonder Woman is one of DC comics oldest characters and part of the DC trinity-Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. This ensures that her appeal has never wavered amongst comic book fans. But would Diana Prince have the same effect on movie audiences? Wonder Woman’s director Patty Jenkins seems to think so. Jenkins discussed why the superhero was so multidimensional  in her interview The Hollywood Reporter:

“Wonder Woman is the grand universal female hero who didn’t have to be lesser in any way. She wasn’t less powerful, she wasn’t less of a woman. She’s as beautiful as any woman and as strong as any man. That, to me, is so enduring. There have been so few female characters like that — who weren’t small, niche characters or sidekicks. She’s a full-blown superhero who lives up to all of your dreams in every way.”

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Wonder Woman has been a favorite with comic book fans but her entry into the movie seems to have been much longer than her fellow superheroes. This may be due to studio executives’ hesitation to put the same amount of faith that they might with a male led movie. But with the new revitalization for women’s rights and the LGBTQ committee, she may be the perfect hero to represent a brand new age. Jenkins said:

“It also was important to me to make sure she was as vulnerable, loving and warm as she should be. It’s important for her to be multidimensional. It’s been incredible to make something about a superhero that stands for a message of fighting for a loving, thoughtful government, especially in this current climate. It’s been a special process to make something with the beautiful message that it’s difficult to be a hero and stay kind and thoughtful in everything that you do. There’s going to be a lot of conversation about her being a woman in these times, but I think the greatest part about the character is that she’s so much bigger than all of that.”

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