5 Crazy Girlfriends That Batman Dumped in His Life As a Vigilante

Batman was one of the first characters to explore the millionaire playboy tag and explore the disc. The hero had many ex-girlfriends that cover heartbreak to deranged. Here are Batman’s top 5 ex-girlfriends:


Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is one of Batman’s oldest foes but also his on/off love interest. The pairing of DC’s greatest detective with one of DC’s greatest cat burglars is an irresistible mix that fans cannot get enough of. Catwoman is a wily creature whom Batman sometimes loathes and puts into prison because of her actions or an ally who helps him in many of his plans. There is no in between. But every depiction of the two shows the strong affection the Dark knight has for Selina.

Talia al Ghul:


Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul’s relationship may be one of the unhealthiest one on the list, and that’s saying something of the woman who puts Catwoman in a good light. Talia al Ghul is Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter and a female assassin. She has been one of the longest relationships that Bruce has had, that even resulted in a baby, Damien Wayne. Of course, how the baby was conceived showed the true nature of their relationship. Their son was either created in an artificial womb without Bruce’s consent or because Talia drugged Bruce into having sex with her.She was on the top list amongst his ex-girlfriends.

Wonder Woman:


Wonder Woman and Batman work together in Justice league, so there was bound to be some attraction which grew out of loyalty and respect. In the Justice League cartoon, there was a playful “will they/won’t they?” build up to their relationship that even resulted in a kiss. The relationship was never fully explored due to both people’s reluctance to damage their working relationship. A great loss for everyone.

Silver St. Cloud:

Silver was definitely a love that got away for our unfortunate hero. Silver St. Cloud was a wealthy socialite in Gotham City who struck up a relationship with Bruce Wayne. She discovered his secret but was accepting of who he was. Bruce was so happy to finally find a lady love like Silver that he decided to put a ring on it. But sadly, they never made it to the alter because she was murdered by the villain Onomatopoeia.

Vicky Vale:

Vicky Vale was one of Bruce Wayne’s first love interest in the comics. Vale was a news reporter who was relentless in her pursuit to find out the secret identity of Batman and his actions with Gotham City. She was actually one of the first people to put together that Bruce Wayne was Batman. Unfortunately, Wayne’s wandering eye put a stop to the relationship and the end of Vicky Vale’s part in Batman’s world.

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