5 Superheroes Who Share A Relationship With Villains

Comic book stories are full of surprises and you don’t know who is the real villain and why is there is so much mess around a single character. It’s endless. The head-scratching stories and the complexities between the characters are unpredictable. From single-character stories to crossovers, we are pretty much aware of what we see on television, read in comics and see in movies, but still, there is a whole new range of story turns and relations that you might not be aware of. So, today we bring your five superheroes who were actually linked to villains.

1) Robin and Ra’s Al Ghulras-al-ghul-and-robin

Damien Wayne, the fifth version of Robin was also the son of Bruce Wayne and  Talia Al Ghul. Talia is the daughter of the psychopathic villain Ra’s Al Ghul which technically makes him a grandfather. Damien showed signs of his heredity when he became extremely violent and cruel to his rival Tim Drake, who he also ended up killing. But his Robin persona turned into a more heroic person in the end.

2) The Flash and Blue Cobalt

the-flash-and-cobalt-blue superheroes villains

Barry Allen thought he was an orphaned single child until he discovered he had a twin, Malcolm. Allen’s twin brother turned out to be the opposite of Barry, becoming a supervillain hellbent on destroying the hero. Malcolm was raised by an abusive family of con artists who taught him how to wield his superpower. His jealousy towards Barry ended any chance of a reconciliation and made them arch enemies instead.

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