5 Healthy Tips to Follow Through the Day

Stay healthy, stay fit! It is not that difficult. Here are a few healthy tips to follow through the day:

Lemon , warm water and honey :-


When life throws you lemon squeeze it in warm water, add some honey and drink it for good. Believe it or not this does wonders for your body. If you start your day with this little trick you’ll know that you have signed in for a body with better metabolism and digestive system.

P.S – Refrain from eating for at least half an hour after drinking this.

Drink more water during the day :-


Water has more health benefits than one can bargain for and if you go by the doctor’s advice drinking more water during the day keeps your system clean and flushes out the toxins. For those who are trying to lose their extra bits… this is a helpful tip.

Almonds :-


5 almonds a day keeps the doctor away. Almonds are health benefits packed in a nutshell. They are loaded with antioxidants, are high in vitamins , can assist blood sugar level control and the list goes on.

Exercise every morning :-


When your muscles are sleepy and your eyes beg for two more minutes of sleep, convince yourself to take up the ugly job. If done on a regular basis three months from now you will thank yourself. Early morning exercise is the mst effective. It wakes up your metabolism and goes a long way to give you a productive day.
Green Tea :-

green tea-health

Green tea seemed to me like the non – tastier version of black tea, but it has proven to be effective in more ways than one. It contains many bioactive compounds that can improve health. It may sound too far fetched but it can actually make you smarter.To build up on it the list doesn’t end there……. It can help burn fat

Amelia Guha Thakurta

Foodaholic, music craving, animal loving enthusiast. Born with a love for reading and writing. An emotional fool who dwells in the make believe world.
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