10 Scariest Fact About The Batman Who Laughs That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

As far as superheroes go, there will be no one who believes more in ideals and the law than the Batman. The Caped Crusader is a champion of the Justice System. He believes every person, no matter how heinous the crime, deserves a second chance. He has faith in the “Good” in all of us. Even though he acts as a vigilant, vetting out vigilante justice to the criminals of society, the Dark Knight will always fight for what is right. So what happens when the same Batman, with all his tremendous skills and experience, decides to go rogue and flush those ideals down the drain? What happens when the World’s greatest detective and The Most Dangerous Human Being anybody has ever faced (according to Superman), goes insane? We give you – the Batman who laughs!! And he is done stuff, unlike anything anybody has ever seen. Presenting – 10 Scariest Fact about the Batman Who Laughs that will send chills down your spine!

 1. He killed the Joker

The Batman Who Laughs

In another alternate universe, the Batman and the Joker face off against each other. Only this time, the odds are conveniently stacked against the Batman in such a way that he cannot think his way out of this. The Joker now knows Batman’s real identity as Bruce Wayne and he decides to terrorize Gotham City by killing the entire Gotham City Police Department along with targeting the nearest and dear ones of Bruce Wayne.

The Batman Who Laughs

Batman is overwhelmed when the final piece of Joker’s plan is revealed – he recreates the Wayne Family murder scene with another child. That turns out to be the last straw for Batman. Realizing he has no option left, Batman kills the Joker. But the Joker, who had found out that he is slowly dying, reveals that this was his plan all along and releases a crazy amount of Joker Toxin into Batman’s bloodstream. The Batman becomes the new Joker and continues to further the Clown Prince of Crime’s Legacy.

 2. He murders the whole Bat Family

The Batman Who Laughs

As the news about the Joker Toxin taking its toll on Bruce Wayne and his mind spread, the members of the Bat Family decided to step in and help stop the Joker’s Final Joke. But it was already too late. It is later revealed that the Joker Toxin had already wiped out all the morals that Batman treasured and replaced them with something truly horrifying. Batman asked everyone to come to the Bat Cave not because he was asking for their help. He just wanted them to come together to one spot so that it would be easier to kill them. If no one would know what had happened to Batman, he could operate smoothly. He kills his entire Bat Family members – Red Hood, Night Wing, Red Robin, and Bat Girl.

 3. He is not the only Batman with no moral code

The Batman Who Laughs

If you think the Batman who Laughs is twisted, we give you the Dark Nights. The Dark Multiverse consists of different universes that lay in the shadowy underbelly of the known Multiverse. In several such universes that lay in the Dark Multi Verse, there happens to be a version of Batman that is only the stuff of nightmares. Each Batman has managed to merge himself with the powers of a fellow Justice league Universe and became a super villain. Bryce Wayne, a female version of Bruce Wayne, genetically engineered to breathe underwater, became the Drowned. In Another Universe, Batman merged with the Flash and became the Red Death. Devastator is Batman combined with the powers of Doomsday.

 4. He has a pack of Robin Hounds

The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman who Laughs may not have the powers of a Justice League member but he is one demented chap. His craziness alone is enough to make your heads turn. To aid him in his efforts are his pack of Four Jokerized Robins. These Robins act like a pack of dogs, that respond to whatever the Batman who Laughs commands. They speak only one word – “Crow”. When they reveal the next word “Bar”, it is revealed that they are a collective analogy for Death in the Family – where Joker killed Jason Todd with a crowbar.

 5. He made a deal with a Bat God

The Batman Who Laughs

Barbatos is a God of the Underworld that the Court of Owls worshipped and was supposed to be his personal army when he set foot on this land. Little did they know that when they summon Barbatos, the guy who will be his spokesperson will be none other than the Batman who Laugh. After terrorizing the people of his Earth, Batman who Laughs had decided that the mutilate fun would be to destroy the Multi Verse. He decided to become Barbatos’ agent and went on to recruit Dark Nights from different universes to fight for this suicidal cause. Oh and he killed the entire Court of Owls.

 6. His crazy Deck of Cards

The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman who Laughs is part Joker. So it is plausible to think that he has some of the Clown Prince of Crime’s traits. He carries around with himself a deck of cards custom made from a mysterious element found everywhere in the Dark Multi Verse. This substance is actually a metal found scattered around the Dark Universes. The metal has some crazy reality defying properties that come real handy in a fight. One card each from this Deck of Cards was given to a Batman Rogues’ Gallery villain. Poison Ivy, the Mad Hatter, the Riddler, and Mister Freeze’s powers were deeply amplified using these cards and they then went on to wreak havoc and chaos.

 7. He made Superman kills his own family

The Batman Who Laughs

There is nothing more precious to Superman than his family. His wife and son are something he is willing to go to the ends of the universe to fight for. The Batman always has something up his sleeve to keep Superman at bay. The Batman who Laughs is no different when it comes to this as well. By utilizing a modified Black Kryptonite weapon, Superman is forced to kill his own family after he starts hallucinating about enemies everywhere. In shame and grief, Superman, coming to realize what he has done, decides to end his own life before he lives another day without his family. The Batman who Laughs just watches everything unfold with a huge grin on his face.

 8. He partnered with the Grim Knight

The Batman Who Laughs

In another alternate universe, Bruce Wayne picked up the gun that Joe Chill used to shoot Thomas and Martha Wayne and shot the murderer of his parents dead. That night, Bruce became a version of Batman that even the Batman who Laughs states to be the “The Deadliest Man Alive”. The Grim Knight is not below using extreme and violent methods of vetting out justice. He will shot you in the face and play golf with your eyeballs if that is what it takes to do his bidding. Imagine – the Batman who Laughs and the Grim Knight, working together against the good guy. That is a horrifying prospect.

 9. He likes to push people into the darkness

The Batman Who Laughs

They claim that there is always a fine line between the light and dark elements within our psyche and all it takes is one bad day for us to run into the shadows. For the Batman who Laughs, that event is ultimately inevitable. He believes that sooner or later, everyone will embrace the darkness within. So he has made it his life mission for the whole Multi-Verse to become as dark as him. Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon put up a theory that the Batman who Laughs intends to use the dark matter to turn every living being in the whole multi Verse into their darkest selves. If you want to kill the cosmos that is the most twisted way of doing it.

 10. He has the best of Batman and the Worst of Joker

The Batman Who Laughs

For many, the Batman who Laughs is the answer to a question that had been making the rounds since decades. What happens if Batman becomes the new Joker? What happens if Batman decides “F*ck the Law. F*ck Moral Code”? The Batman who Laughs was such a huge success because that is exactly what the fans had thought the answer to those questions to be. The Batman who Laughs has the craziness and a screwed up perspective of the world just like the Joker does all the while retaining the skills and abilities of the Batman.

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