Wolverine vs Spider-Man: Who Would Win and Why?

Wolverine vs Spider-Man: Battle of the Favorites

This is something we have never got to see in any movie and we will probably never get to see a live action version of this fight. Both Spider-Man and Wolverine are Marvel’s big guns from the comics and in the movies as well. They both are great friends in the comics and both of them are extremely powerful. This is a fight that we would not want to imagine as both characters are favorites and have a huge fandom.

A brawl between the Web-Slinger and the Clawed Mutant would be a treat to watch as both of them are pretty evenly matched. Let’s analyze the powers of both these individuals and find out who would be the ultimate winner.



James Howlett aka Logan/Wolverine is our favorite mutant, thanks to Hugh Jackman who played the character for 17 years. He is a mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, powerful regenerative ability known as a healing factor, and three retractable bone claws in each hand.

His animistic senses allow him to see, smell and hear threat from far away and be ready for it. His claws which come out of his hands are the most brutal weapons that he has.


He was experimented upon and the strongest metal on earth, The adamantium was added to his body. His skeleton and claws were fully covered with Adamantium making him a man made up of metal and flesh. Along with the adamantium in his body, the claws and the healing factor, he becomes one of the strongest mutants within the X-men Universe.



Peter Parker is a very intelligent kid who gained powers after getting bit by a radioactive spider. The Spider DNA bonded with his DNA and dialed his senses to eleven.

The powers that are possessed by Peter Parker are superhuman strength, reflexes, and balance, the ability to cling tenaciously to most surfaces, and a subconscious ability to sense everything in his surroundings, which is usually called a “spider-sense”.


Along with this, he gains additional powers with the various suits that he has worn throughout the years. Just like in the recent movie, we saw his suit giving him the ability to shoot various kinds of webs, and the suit also had various modes that he could set according to situations.

Wolverine VS Spider-Man

Wolverine vs Spider-Man

This is a fight most of us fans would not have imagined as the two seem pretty friendly to each other even in the comics. But if we compare, the duel is going to be brutal. With Spider-Man’s speed, agility, reaction time and strength you could argue that it would be difficult for Logan to touch him.

Then again, Wolverine is a better hand to hand combatant and has a healing factor. Spider-man is a smart kid and if we consider what he did against Captain America in Civil War, we saw him being pretty dominating against Cap and even though Cap won ultimately, clearly saw what he is capable of.

Now Wolverine may not be as smart as Spider-Man but he is very experienced as he has been alive for more than a century. Spider-man would totally dominate the fight as soon as it begins which will piss off Wolverine even more. We all know when rage takes over Logan, he loses control and goes wild on his opponents.

Wolverine vs Spider-Man

Spider-man has won many times against Wolverine in comic book encounters but Wolverine would surely come out on top if the battle keeps going on and on. The attacks of Spiderman will not be much effective because of the healing factor and Logan can easily cut through his web. Once he catches hold of the Spider, the game is over with two solid knockout Adamantium punches. He would slice through the Web Slinger if he would want to. So, Wolverine would emerge victorious at the end.

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