10 Epic Superhero “Wars” Fought in The Marvel Universe – Ranked

Up until now, Marvel Comics has pitted one superhero or a bunch of superheroes against each other quite a number of times. It is a common comic book trope to see superheroes trading punches and kicks and leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. The Avengers vs. X-Men series is one storyline that we would never forget. Its convoluted storyline aside, it was an epic battle between two of the most popular and powerful superhero teams in existence in the Marvel Universe. But that was not the only event. Marvel is full of more than half-a-century old storylines and some of them have also witnessed battles and wars of defining nature. Some were out there in the vacuum of space while some were on Earth or maybe in an entirely different dimension or reality. Presenting – 12 Epic Superhero “Wars” fought in the Marvel Universe – Ranked!

 10. Doom War

Epic Superhero Wars Marvel

The Doom War storyline shows two advanced countries – Wakanda and Latveria engaging in a conflict for the control of Wakanda’s vast vibranium resources. Wakanda, led by Black Panther, would meet her match in the form of Latveria, led by none other than Doctor Doom. In the end, Doom would manage to get a hold of Wakanda’s huge vibranium vault, which stores the entire supply of vibranium that Wakanda has. To stop Doctor Doom from becoming the most powerful man on Earth, Black Panther activated a fail-safe protocol that destroyed the entire vibranium reserve of Wakanda. It was a pyrrhic victory at best since Wakanda had to live with the economic and political ramifications of living without their greatest source of energy and revenue.

 9. The Evolutionary War

Epic Superhero Wars Marvel

The Evolutionary War is the result of the High Evolutionary escaping his own suicide. Such a close call with death somehow reveals the flaw in human evolution. Humanity, according to the High Evolutionary, has the ability to evolve endlessly and become even more powerful than the Beyonders. To help them achieve that, the High Evolutionary intends to develop a genetic bomb, which when exploded, will mutate the human race and turn them into Gods. The Superheroes of Earth are the only hindrance to his plans so he unleashes his purifier armies to kill them all. The plan does not work though. Hercules sacrifices his life and takes the High Evolutionary along with him. The Genetic Bomb is successfully defused by the rest of the superheroes.

 8. Infinity Wars

Epic Superhero Wars Marvel

Infinity Wars gave us a lot of new never-before-seen concepts in Marvel Comics. It showed us how superheroes would be like if some of them were merged together to form new ones. There was Soldier Supreme – a combination of Captain America and Doctor Strange. There was also Iron Hammer – Iron Man and Thor, as well as Ghost Panther – Black Panther and Ghost Rider. The storyline also revealed that there are entire pocket dimensions in each Infinity Stone just like the Soul World in Soul Stone. The arc was basically Gamora killing Thanos and trying to search for her soul lost within Soul World as she descends further and further into insanity.

 7. Chaos War

Epic Superhero Wars Marvel

Chaos War saw the rise of the Japanese God of Evil – Amatsu Mikaboshi aka the Chaos king. His plan was to wipe out all life on Earth and start things afresh the way he wanted to. To stop him in his tracks, a new God Squad was formed led by Thor and Hercules. The storyline had longstanding ramifications for the Marvel Universe. Several dead superheroes came back to life and we also came to realize the living terror that was Amatsu Mikaboshi. It also saw the rise in popularity of Hercules, the Greek God of Strength, after he sacrificed his god-hood to save humanity and became a regular human being.

 6. Civil War 2

Epic Superhero Wars Marvel

The success of Civil War led to Marvel green lighting Civil War 2. This time, Iron Man was no more the bad guy. He was the one championing the good cause. The superhero that led the campaign against him was Captain Marvel – who acted like a pompous superiority complex laden personality the whole time. Civil War 2 was about whether humanity should use the ability to see the future to change the events or arrest the people responsible before they could become accessories to the crime. The story arc saw the death of two major superheroes – War Machine and Bruce Banner. When Captain Marvel went after Spiderman that was Iron Man’s last straw!

 5. War of Kings

Epic Superhero Wars Marvel

After the Skrulls were defeated in Secret Invasion, a truce was agreed upon by two warring empires on which the Secret Invasion arc had taken its toll – the Kree Inter-galactic Empire and the powerful Shi’ar Empire. But tensions still existed between the two empires and it soon blew into full-scale war. This was the first event when the Inhumans first participated in a full-scale battle and revealed political leanings. The war also saw the involvement of the Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the Nova Corps. Even the Negative Zone was involved in the conflict as Blastaar made his way into the battle-field.

 4. World War Hulk

Epic Superhero Wars Marvel

Planet Hulk saw the Jade Giant become the ruler of Sakaar and start a family. After the ship that brought him to the planet exploded, the resulting nuclear explosion killed his entire family. Now enraged beyond belief, the Hulk decided to take the fight to the people responsible – the Illuminati of Earth. World War Hulk saw a Green Goliath that was too out of control and too powerful for anyone, even the Ghost Rider. The battle only ended after the Hulk realized he had to give up his rage. It was the hulk who decided when the War was over, and it was truly a one-sided battle where all the other superheroes of Earth were helpless against the singular might of the Hulk.

 3. Secret Wars

Epic Superhero Wars Marvel

Secret Wars was sort of an experiment. Suddenly, each major Marvel Superhero disappeared from his or her own comic book issues and appeared in Battle-World – a place built by the Beyonder to make the superheroes of the Marvel Universe fight and see who wins. The Secret Wars storyline led to some major changes in the Marvel Universe. It was the first giant issue comic book storyline by Marvel and it was one of their most best-selling issues ever. It was also one of the first issues ever to have every major Marvel Superhero in a single comic book panel.

 2. Secret Wars (2015)

Epic Superhero Wars Marvel

After countless parallel Earths were destroyed, only two Earths remain – Earth 1610 and Earth 616. That is when the incursions begin. In a bid to save reality God Emperor Doom, who is now endowed with the powers of the Beyonder, merges both the worlds together into his newly formed Battle-World. An entire army of Thors from different universes act as his police force and Doctor Strange is his personal right-hand man. Each day in Battle-World is literally a battle for survival. It changes the fate of the entire Marvel Comic book Universe as we know it.

 1. Civil War

Epic Superhero Wars Marvel

This is by far the most important war in Marvel Comics history. After the New Warriors fighting some criminals led to a nuclear explosion killing more than 300 people, the government decided to pass the Super-Human Registration Act to keep a record of all superheroes that ever operated in the country. Iron Man supported the act but Captain America was vehemently opposed to it since he saw the need for privacy, freedom and personal liberty that would be trampled upon by this act. He also realized that the heroes could also be in danger since if the information fell into the wrong hands, then it would be chaos for the Superheroes’ loved ones. There was also the possibility of the Government trying to turn and blackmail the superheroes into becoming government agents. The resulting battle between Captain America’s faction and Iron Man’s faction changed the very face of the Marvel Universe as we know it.

The Last Solo Marvel movie to be released under the Disney banner is Captain Marvel. The movie is currently in theatres. The official film synopsis for the movie reads:

Captain Marvel is an extraterrestrial Kree warrior who finds herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between her people and the Skrulls. Living on Earth in 1995, she keeps having recurring memories of another life as U.S. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. With help from Nick Fury, Captain Marvel tries to uncover the secrets of her past while harnessing her special superpowers to end the war with the evil Skrulls.

Avengers: Endgame released on the 26th of April, 2019. The official film synopsis of the movie has been released and it states:

“After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers must assemble once more in order to undo Thanos’ actions and restore order to the universe once and for all, no matter what consequences may be in store.”

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