15 Superheroes And Supervillains You Never Knew Were Actually Siblings!!!

While Superhero origin stories are always filled with tragic plot elements, nothing beats a tragic origin story the way the story of the rise of a superhero’s supervillain sibling does. Superheroes, sometimes, are not just cursed with being orphaned or broke, sometimes their own blood comes back to haunt them every step of the way. Presenting 15 Superheroes and Supervillains you never knew were actually siblings…..

Nick Fury

Nick Fury and Jacob Fury were soldiers in World War II. Nick became a hero while Jacob became jealous. Jacob later joined an evil organization, called himself Scorpio and wielded the Cosmic Zodiac Key. He and Nick Fury have gone against each other quite a few times in the comic books.


Catwoman has a troublesome brother. When Selina Kyle reformed herself and stopped being a criminal, the King of the Cats tried to lure her back into the family business. Suffice it to say, it did not work well for the latter.


Infinity Man is Darkseid’s brother. When the five Forever People will it, Infinity Man comes from his home dimension and changes place with them. In the New 52 ret con, Infinity Man is Drax, Darkseid’s cursed brother who was pushed into a mishap inside the Infinity Pits, forever changing his fate.

The Vision

When Ultron created the Vision, he used Simon Williams aka Wonder Man’s mind as a template for creating his brain. Simon was dead but his brother Eric, the villain Grim Reaper, found his brother in Vision and asked him to side with him. Vision found the offer intriguing, to finally have a blood connection but ultimately refused.

Professor X

Professor X had psychic powers even while he was just a fetus in the womb. He had a twin sister growing alongside him. Charles quickly learned through telepathy that his sister was evil and used his telepathy to vanquish her. Cassandra survived and has come back to haunt Professor X time and time again.


Dormammu, the extra-dimensional demonic entity that rules an entire universe of his own, has a sister he fears even more than death itself. Umar the Unrelenting was imprisoned by Dormammu for fear of her vast magical powers. When Dormammu died fighting Eternity, Umar was free to wreak havoc.


That’s right, folks!! Batman has a deranged, mentally challenged Super Villain elder brother by the name of Thomas Jr. Thomas tried to be the bad guy but ended up being manipulated by another one. Thomas later sacrificed his life to save his little brother.


Matt Murdock had to make up a fake brother to save his ass from being identified as Daredevil. Matt’s fake brother’s name was Mike Murdock, an identical flamboyant twin sibling. Matt even dressed up to look the part. He let that persona of his be taken out by the Unholy Three and Matt was then scot free.

Swamp Thing


Alec Holland asked his brother Edward Holland to make him a cure to stop him from turning into a mindless plant monster. Edward succeeded in making the remedy just so he could prove he was smarter than his brother. Alec would later turn back into Swamp Thing to fight the Cabal.

Etrigan the Demon

Etrigan is a demon that has limitless power on account of him being the son of the Demon King Belial. To control his own son, Belial sired another half human child to control Etrigan via magic. That child was Merlin.


Raven of the Teen Titans is the daughter of Trigon, a demonic being who has sired hundreds of children and killed most of them. Seven of them, including Raven, survived Trigon and became one of the seven sins. Raven was Pride.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange had a brother by the name of Victor Strange. The latter met with a car accident and Stephen used a healing spell which somehow turned Vic into a vampire. As Baron Blood, Victor tried to drink the blood of only criminals but ended up making more vampires. So he killed himself before he could do more harm.

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter’s brother’s name is Malefic, a guy so evil he wiped out their entire race by unleashing a telepathic plague that forced the Martians to burn themselves. Malefic tried to do the same to his brother but failed and killed himself.


Terra will always be remembered as the traitorous bitch that almost got the Teen titans killed. Terra also had a brother. Geo-Force of the Outsiders is the Prince of Markovia. He got the same earth manipulation powers as Terra. The only difference was that he was a good guy.

Ghost Rider

supervillains superheroes

After Johnny Blaze exorcised Zarathos out of his body, it got hold of Dan Ketch. It was only later that Johnny found out that Dan and Johnny were siblings and belonged to a family tree that was cursed to be host to the Spirit of Vengeance for eternity.

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