Flash Season 2: First Female Speedster Set to Enter Central City

Finally, the Flash will do an episode on a female speedster who is a meta-human intend to create chaos in the Central city, and make people believe that Flash is responsible for the entire fiasco. She is known by the name Eliza Harmon a.k.a “Trajectory” to be played by Allison Paige (Days of Our lives fame). She will guest star in the show and based on fans response, may get another shot in future seasons.

She has been a minor character in 52 comics series, a weekly comic that came right after “Infinite crisis” but before final crisis. She is an artificial speedster created by Lex Luthor under Everyman project. The difference between Trajectory and other speedsters is that she cannot stop until she takes a special drug. In DC comics, she is not a villain but in the latest teaser released by CW, she is shown to be working in Mercury Labs, she found a way to attain speed-force but ended up using for mischief. She will probably be like Golden Glider who is a villain first, then persuaded to come back to the right path. Similarly, Captain Cold is a villain but he does’nt have a sinister design to kill Flash.

The episode will air on March 22, 2016 as the TV show is on a long break.


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