Aquaman Trailer Breakdown: Easter Eggs and Details You Missed

Ever since the San Diego Comic-Con, DC fans are riled up in anticipation. The 2018 San Diego comic con saw the release of some of the greatest trailers for DC. The trailers and teasers had some magnificent footage for the fans to analyse. Not only did we get a new update for both Aquaman and Shazam, we also received an announcement for the new teen titans movie. Although the Shazam and Aquaman footage / trailers were well received by fans, the fate of the animated universe does not seem that promising. Jason Momoa had teased us some days ago and it seems the promised moment is at hand. We received a brand new shimmering Aquaman trailer filled with Easter eggs and relevant plot points.

It seems rather apparent that james wan has dug deep and brought us a story worthy of the DCEU, after all , a lot rests on aquaman. We are going to see a brand new hero take up arms against the evil in this world. We are about to witness the aftermath of dawn of justice, the real DC extended universe, not the one riddled with plot disputes and  messed up with reshoots. No sir, this is the original content brought to you thanks to popular demand. The james wan directed film is set to be black pantheresque adventure, with aquaman aka Arthur curry at the centre of it and his origins at stake. The aforementioned footage has been reproduced below for your scrutiny, watch it and the pace yourself for the breakdown below.

The trailer starts with a long shot of the earth and then the ocean, signifying something rather picturesque about the scenery and the footage yet to come. We meet Arthur’s father, a simple fisherman. And we meet his mother, queen Atlanta when she is deserted on a coast side.

The pair falls in love and it is at the lighthouse, beside the sea where Arthur curry is born. The seas sing out with joy as they welcome their king. The trailer then fasts forwards and we now accompany Arthur on a field trip in supposedly elementary school into an aquarium. It is here that Aquaman first realizes about his power, the child communicates with the shark on display in the huge water tank and uses them to fen off bullies.

Pretty badass, if you ask me. The trailer then shows us that Aquaman grows up to be a badass too, we see him taking down armed submarines and beat soldiers to a pulp in a way that is reminiscent of the caped crusader aka the dark knight batman. Maybe that is what the DCEU is planning to do, keep giving us Batman inspired fighting sequences until we finally given in and Ben Affleck comes out with the new Batman movie. Anyhow, the trailer continues and an adult Arthur is contacted by Mera, one of the wards of queen Atlanta and the ruler of a province adjacent to Atlantis.

Mera is the one who tells Arthur that his half-brother (who has now ascended to the throne of Atlantis) is planning to wage a war on the surface world and the only way to stop him is if Arthur were to take his rightful place as king. The while scenario is very reminiscent  of black panther but the stakes are now reversed.

Instead of defending the throne, it seems that our hero is now trying to capture it. We see some glimpses of the battle of brothers and one of the most memorable scenes of the trailer is the Atlantis series screaming as their potential rulers collapse in the battlefield.

Aquaman Trailer Breakdown: Easter Eggs and Details You Missed

It seems that aquaman will be a more battle centric and strategy focused feature film than all of its predecessors in the DCEU. We may be on the verge of getting a proper character arc in the aquaman movie. That would be good, considering that DCEU has failed to provide that every element in any movie after Batman v Superman : Dawn of justice.

Aquaman will hit theatres in December, 2018. It stars Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Amber heard as Mera Willem Dafoe as Nudis Vulko, Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanta, Patrick Wilson as ocean master, Ludi Lin as Murk, Randall Park as Dr. Stephen, and Michael Beach as Jesse Kane.

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