10 Insane Facts About Avengers 1,000,000 BC – The Stone Age Avengers

The Avengers were formed years after the founding superheroes came into the spotlight. At least that is what the stories tell us. In reality, the Avengers have been in the game way before mankind even learned the earth is not flat. As a matter of fact, they have been there even before the world saw the development of metal weapons. The Avengers date back to the freaking Stone Age. Back when humanity was still struggling with deciding whether to put squared or circular blocks under their chariots, these guys defended the Earth from the gravest of threats and most of them did not even ask for recognition. We give you the Avengers 1 Million. And here are some stunning and interesting facts about them to make you realize just how cool they are! Presenting – 10 insane facts about Avengers 1,000,000 BC – the Stone Age Avengers!!

 10. They were probably the strongest incarnation of the Avengers

Facts About Avengers 1000000 BC

The Avengers of 1 million BC had the firepower to take down cosmic giants. They were comprised of the first ever Black Panther, Odin, Agamotto, Star-Brand, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, and the Phoenix. All of them were the first of their respective mantles except Star Brand (although, he too was the first ever human to get the Star Brand mark). They fought foes a million times more powerful than the regular villains the current Avengers face against. And they did it all without the aid of any technology and modern equipment.

 9. Black Panther 1 Million BC had no superhuman attributes like his descendants

Facts About Avengers 1000000 BC

After the King of Wakanda ascends to the mantle of the Black Panther, he or she is liable to pass through a ritual where they are transfused with a heart-shaped drug. The drug allows them to surpass human potential, giving them superhuman physical attributes that are well above peak human abilities. That is how T’Challa manages to do all those impossible stunts in the MCU. He is literally superhuman. But the first ever Black Panther does not have the perks of the heart-shaped drug. The first King of Wakanda was just a guy who managed to use the Vibranium meteor that crash landed on his homeland and create a rudimentary set of claws out of it. The rest of the legend is all him. He is nothing but a normal human being and he managed to keep up with them all.

 8. The First Iron Fist was actually a traitor

Facts About Avengers 1000000 BC

Fan Fei belonged to the Holy city of K’un’Lun. The city of K’un-Lun was considered a paradise on Earth but it had shunned away all outsiders and stooped anyone from entering its walls. Fan Fei once descended down to the lower plains and saw innocent civilians being attacked. She decided to stay there and teach them the art of Kung Fu, something that was considered treason. When K’Un-Lun got wind of this, they sent her into the cave of Shou Lao, the Holy Dragon. She watched as the Thunderer threw her students into the dragon’s fiery breath. Fan Fei managed to break her bonds and charge straight towards Shou Lao, piercing the dragon’s heart and gaining the Iron Fist in the process.

 7. Agamotto was born out of a tear

Facts About Avengers 1000000 BC

The first ever Sorcerer Supreme, Agamotto, is probably the second most powerful Avenger after the Phoenix. His origin story is shrouded in mystery, but we know one thing for sure – the way he was born into this world was not normal at all. He is said to be born out of the tear of an Elder God called Oshtur, who was moved by the triumphant and optimistic spirit of a blind human boy. Agamotto would later grow into a powerful magician with a knack for offense magic. His magical abilities were of particular value to the Avengers of 1 Million BC.

 6. Lady Phoenix was a hothead

Facts About Avengers 1000000 BC

You thought Wolverine was somewhat of loose cannon!! Wait till you meet Lady Phoenix, the first ever human avatar of the Phoenix Force. She was infamous for using cosmic flames to burn her opponents even before they had a chance to defend themselves. Cosmic flames are different than regular flames. The latter requires oxygen. The former does not. It can even burn in a vacuum or even underwater and does not even leave a shred of ash behind. Her love for Cosmic Fire was enough to have her termed a crazy pyromaniac.

 5. Odin and Lady Phoenix used to be a couple

Facts About Avengers 1000000 BC

Odin was still in his youth then. That is an age where your hormones do most of the talking, not your mouth. After Odin met Lady Phoenix, it was instant love at first sight. Lady Phoenix’s fiery personality appealed to Odin, who was born and brought up in a warrior culture where women were judged by their ability to fight in the battlefield. Even after the group disbanded, Lady Phoenix and Odin stayed in touch and regularly met to have an after-day session of gossiping and *ahem ahem* other things.

 4. The first ever Ghost Rider’s ride was a Woolly Mammoth!!

Facts About Avengers 1000000 BC

About a million years ago, a group of cavemen lived in a faraway stretch of land. One of those cavemen had realized that his intelligence was way above the rest of the pack, but stayed mum because he did not want to be treated with fear and disgust. One day a Wendigo disguised himself as a caveman and took leadership of the pack after defeating its leader. He would later massacre the whole pack one by one but leave the smart caveman, who he named “Ghost”. The caveman later flees the scene and ends up finding a demon in the form of a snake. That demon was actually Mephisto and his offered to give him the powers necessary to kill the Wendigo. The deal was sealed and the first ever Ghost Rider was born. Soon after, the Rider chose a woolly mammoth it had befriended to become his flaming ride.

 3. The First ever Star Brand was a primitive brute

Facts About Avengers 1000000 BC

To be precise, his intelligence was sub-par. The Star Brand attaches itself to any living sentient host capable of sustaining it. It had the bad luck of attaching itself to an under-evolved caveman, who then became the first ever human Star Brand. Star Brand 1 Million BC had the intelligence level that was similar to the Hulk’s in present-day Avengers. And he almost always got into a fight with Odin over the pettiest of things. He was a brute no doubt, but he knew how to handle his Star Brand powers.

 2. Odin himself had trouble controlling Mjolnir

Facts About Avengers 1000000 BC

It was Odin who came to Earth and created human beings. His father was unpleased with that development and unleashed suffering, which is the reason for all war, strife, and pain according to Norse Mythology. Odin then went on to create Mjolnir, imbuing with the magic of an entire cosmic storm and coming to Earth to do a trial run. He was exceptionally bad at controlling the hammer during his early days. Lady Phoenix even made fun of him for not being able to control his signature weapon. It is here that he formed the Avengers 1 Million BC after he realized that the pain and suffering his father had unleashed had also brought upon the human world the wrath of a Rogue Celestial.

 1. They defeated a Celestial by themselves

Facts About Avengers 1000000 BC

That is a feat even the Avengers of the present timeline or any other timeline for that matter could not boast of.  When a Rogue Celestial called the fallen came to destroy Earth, Odin Lady Phoenix, Ghost Rider, Star Brand, Iron Fist and Black Panther joined forces to stop that from happening. After they somehow managed to defeat it, Odin intended to nail the corpse of the Dead Celestial on the moon, to act as a danger sign to stop other cosmic villains from even so much as looking at Earth the wrong way. They then settled to chain down the dead body in an underground chamber deep within the bedrock of modern day South Africa.

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