15 Popular X-Men Heroes Who Fans Never Knew Have Been Avengers

Marvel Comics, unlike the MCU, does not have any limitations as to which hero can be showcased and which hero cannot. To that end, Marvel has used its entire hero roster up to maximum use. One hero who is part of one team can easily become a part of another major superhero team. The Avengers have also given memberships to heroes from yet another prominent superhero team from Marvel Comics. And you won’t ever be able to guess which heroes we are talking about. Presenting – 15 Popular X-Men heroes who Fans never knew have been Avengers!!!

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 1. Storm

X-Men Avengers

Storm has been a part of the X-Men since Avengers vs. The X-Men of 2012. But she has been a part of the Avengers as well. In 2006’s Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #1, Storm becomes an official member of the Avengers squadron. In 2011, Storm aka Ororo Munroe became a part of the Avengers again in Avengers #19 and fought Norman Osborn.

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 2. Rogue

Avengers vs. The X-Men issues left a lot of bad blood between two of Marvel Comics’ greatest superhero teams. Rogue was chosen to be a member of the Avengers Unity Squad, a group formed after the events of the storyline to help the X-Men and the Avengers come back together. Rogue was one of its longest standing members. That membership came to a screeching halt only this year in 2018.

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 3. X-23


X-23 has now officially embraced her rightful legacy as the heiress to the clawed demon that is Wolverine. But in the 2000’s, she was a freaking hot mess of a mutant hero. She was put up along with other trainees in the X-Men, where they were trained to hone their skills and tame their powers. After that, she was also selected to become a part of the Avengers trainee squadron of young superheroes. X-23 has always been an Avenger and an X-Man in her core and she reflects the ideals of the Avengers and the Honour of the X-Men whenever she graces the comic book pages.

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 4. Havok

The Summers brothers are all very powerful. Cyclops and Vulcan are masters at strategy, tactics and energy manipulation. And so is Havok. But he has always failed to get out of his big brother’s shadow that almost always got the lion’s share of the spotlight. In 2012’s Uncanny Avengers #1, Havok finally has his big break when he is made the leader of the Avengers Unity division. Havok has quit being an Avenger after 2014’s ridiculous crossover arc Axis, where his memories were altered after time travelling to the future in an alternate reality dimension (don’t ask).

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 5. Cable

At heart, Cable has always been the leader of the x-Force, the mutant mercenary team from the future. But he has had his run-ins with the X-Men. Cable, when not engaged in taking care of Hope or leading a raid on a Sentinel convoy, has found himself in the past fighting alongside the X-Men on many occasions. Cable also has been a part of the Avengers Unity division since 2016. It was only recently that he decided to leave the group after he got out of a lengthy coma.

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 6. Deadpool

Deadpool has been an honorary member of the Avengers ever since 2009’s Deadpool #16. He was first brought into the Avengers fold as a temporary member where he soon distinguished himself with his unique skill sets. Deadpool, Wolverine, and Captain America would later team up again in Avengers #0. After the events of Secret Empire where Captain America was revealed to be a Hydra spy, Deadpool and Steve Rogers’ relationship has seen a rocky highway. 

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 7. Captain Britain

He is not a mutant but he is still an X-Man. He was never acknowledged to be a part of the Avengers but he is actually one of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Brian Braddock’s powers origins are mystical in nature. Captain Britain joined the Avengers in 2010’s Age of Heroes story arc as an honorary reserve member. Before that, Captain Britain was part of the British offshoot of the X-Men called the Excalibur in the 1980’s.

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 8. Sunfire

Sunfire’s real name is Shiro Yashida and he is Japan’s most famous superhero. Sunfire has been an X-man member since the 1970’s. He joined the X-Men with legacy mutant heroes like Wolverine and Storm. Sunfire would later leave the team to protect Japan. In 2016, he became a member of the Avengers Unity squadron and helped protect Rio de Janeiro from falling space debris as well as saved the world by absorbing the energy from a dying celestial.

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 9. Sunspot

Roberto da Costa has always been viewed as brash, funny and irresponsible. That changed after his long stint with the X-Force. Roberto as Sunspot joined the Avengers Unity Squadron in 2016. He also happens to be a billionaire and used his wealth to literally buy A.IM and use their technology to fund his newly formed superhero team. After the Unity squadron disbanded, Sunspot became the leader of his new superhero team called the U.S Avengers.

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 10. Cannonball

Sam Guthrie has always been am X-Man at heart. But there always comes a time where your alignments get the kick in the balls no matter how loyal you are. Sam would join Sunspot’s newly founded Superhero team after leaving the Avengers. He now has a son with fellow former teammate smasher and now lives in an alien world. Cannonball regularly part times as a superhero when need be.

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 11. Sabretooth

He is always the villain. ALWAYS!! Or is he?? Sabretooth was part of one of the earliest iterations of the Avengers. In the 1950’s, Nick Fury had assembled a secret black ops Avengers team that carried out missions for Shield’s interests. Sabretooth was also part of the Avengers Unity Squadron where he aided the team in one occasion before changing tracks to join Magneto’s Brotherhood.

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 12. Quentin Quire

Forever the troublemaker, Quentin is a kid that attracts danger like honey attracts bees. In 2003’s New X-Men #134, Quire literally started a riot in the X-Mansion which was later subdued only after much chagrin. The omega level telepath would later become an alien god and return back to Earth where he would star in his own reality TV Show. He later became a part of the West Coast Avengers and has been a member ever since. The WCA heroes were reluctant to accept him but Quentin persuaded them with a promise of the immense funding he bought with him should they allow him to join their team.

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 13. Spider-Man

Spider-Man Steve Ditko Insomniac Games Spider-Man has been, believe it or not, bot an X-Man and an Avenger. He became a part of the latter in 1991. Spider-Man’s ticket to the X-Men came much later. In 2015, after the death of his dear friend and ally Wolverine, Spider-Man decided to honour his friend’s final request and join the Jean Grey’s School for Higher Learning as an external faculty.

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Spider-Man was tasked with dealing with the ‘Special Class’ – a group of mutant students with the highest chances of turning into a villain in the future. Spider-Man taught them the things he knows best – with great power comes great responsibility. Spider-Man has since left the school and become the friendly neighbourhood superhero again.

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 14. Wolverine

Wolverine was never an official member of the Avengers before this century although the character has been around in the comic books and has worked with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for a long time. In 2005, Wolverine joined the New Avengers while on his own personal adventures in Savage Land. He also became a part of the Avengers and sided against his fellow X-Men mutant members in Avengers vs. The X-Men story arc. For now, he is the principal of Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and is back to being a member of the X-Men.

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 15. Beast

Hank McCoy originally started out as an Avenger. He was one of the most popular members of the team in the 1970’s. Beast was a fun and laid back character then. Beast has been a member of the Avengers since 1976. After he turned himself blue and furry, Beast came back to the X-Men but he has had an on again, off again membership status with the Avengers ever since. Hank has a special bromance relationship with Wonder Man, an actor turned Superhero with ionic manipulation powers.

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