Marvel Comics Update: There Now Exists a Secret Organisation Even Deadlier Than Hydra

When it comes to secret, evil organizations that are hell-bent on conquering the world and reshaping it into a version they think is twisted enough to fall under their control, no organization comes even close to the designs of Hydra. Hail Hydra has become a battle cry for every crook worth his salt under the Marvel Universe. The reaches of the organization are global and perhaps, even interstellar!! But the news is that the Hydra organization now has a competitor. And this competitor is deadlier, even more, secretive and maybe could prove more than a match for all the Avengers combined. Presenting – Marvel Comics Update – There now exists a secret organization even deadlier than Hydra!!!

Marvel Comics Hydra

SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains MAJOR Spoilers for Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends. If you still haven’t read it yet, we suggest you look away….

The much anticipated comic book story arc Hunt for Wolverine is finally reaching its end. The story has introduced a fresher take to the Wolverine character in the Marvel Universe. With Dead Ends, it is officially coming to a close. The Hunt for Wolverine will be succeeded by the Return of Wolverine next month. The storyline, up until now, is keeping to tradition and introducing new elements to the comic book universe. The latest to be added to the trend is a new villain that will take on the X-Men and Wolverine.

Charles Soule, the lead writer of the series has given us something to look forward to this year in the upcoming Marvel Comics publications. The new villain, called Persephone, is as mysterious as they come. Her abilities look devastatingly powerful and she has an aura of pure evil around her. What is even more interesting is that she has held Logan prisoner for some time now. She has sinister plans for the Wolverine and she will stop at nothing to ensure they succeed. Helping her in her efforts is the even more mysterious organisation at her disposal.

The name of the organisation is – SOTEIRA

After Wolverine ‘died’ when he was drowned in a case of molten adamantium, everyone thought it was the end of the line for the animal. But it is later found out that the adamantium case that held Wolverine’s body (which was kept in a secret X-Men location) is now cracked open with the body of Logan missing.

Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat hires the help of Tony Stark and Daredevil to track the missing body of Logan which then leads to the Hunt for Wolverine storyline. It is not long before Shadowcat, Iron Man and Daredevil are able to put two and two together and realise the machinations of Soteira, the next big thing after Hydra.

How deadly is Soteira you ask? Let us enlighten you.

Kitty Pryde soon learns that Soteira has been behind all global incidents related to terrorism, narcotics, espionage, mind control, genetic manipulation, DNA manipulation, cloning and much, much more. They were the ones responsible for the dreaded Legacy Virus and the Necrosha arc. They have been playing the long game for a long time, managing to stay hidden and a secret in a world that is increasingly coming under the watchful tutelage of the ever-growing superhero population. And that is saying something.

Hydra, on the other hand, has become a shell of its former self. It reached the pinnacle of its strength in Secret Wars, where it was found that all major events related to the world like the Kennedy assassination, the Cuba Crisis and even the birth of Shield were all actually the work of Hydra. They even managed to brainwash Captain America into becoming a Hydra/Sleeper cell. After overthrowing the United States in a coup d’état, they were soundly defeated when the rest of the superheroes joined hands with a reformed Captain America to overthrow the new fascist government in Secret Empire.

Soteira, as explained by Persephone is – “It’s all Soteira, and Soteira is me.”  Persephone has already displayed the unique ability to detect powerful mutants even before they manifest their ability, a feat not even Charles Xavier could achieve with Cerebro. No one knows what she or Soteira wants and why are they so hell bent against mutant-kind.

We have to wait and find out as Soteira unveils their next plan of action. But one thing is for sure – Soteira is not just a global threat. It has all the right ingredients to become a threat to the whole universe, just like Hydra once used to be.

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