15 Characters That You Did Not Know Joined Hydra

Hydra has been a force for evil for as long as S.H.I.E.L.D. has been a force for good. Although it is said that Hydra is as old as time itself. They have infiltrated the human civilization from long back and refuse to go away. It is said that Hydra aligns itself with the strongest all throughout history. There are even many of our beloved superheroes who have operated under the guise of Hydra, here are 15 examples.

 1. Hardball

Roger Brokeridge appeared in the Marvel Comicverse as a character who was part of S.H.I.E.L.D. sponsored team of regulated suer heroes. This was after the events of the first Civil War and we are seeing changes in the Marvel comicverse. Hardball was part of the Nevada group of heroes known as heavy hitters who was actually a Hydra agent in disguise and he later killed his handler and ran a Hydra training camp.

 2. Mockingbird

Black Widow Solo Movie

Known to fans through a stint on agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Bobbi Morse is a brilliant agent who has a very flexible work ethic. Thai is to say that the woman enjoys playing both sides and usually ends up on the right side of the gamble. Mockingbird was the leader of the resistance group that propped up against Captain America’s Hydra version who lead a war on the Marvel universe in secret empire. We also come to know that Mockingbird had secretly been a resistance mole all along and further realize that she is not the only mole in her group. I guess this woman does enjoy playing both sides.

 3. Thor

The God of Thunder has been in pickles before. But this particular one had been quite devastating to the Odinson. As it so happens when Captain America took over the Marvel Comicverse in secret empire he had his own bad Avengers who also included Thor but without his hammer. In fact, Thor joins Steve Roger’s only so that he can recover his hammer and rescue Jane foster from a purgatory dimension. It is, however, only after substantial bloodshed that Thor comes back to the side of good and helps in changing the mind of other Avengers brainwashed by Rogers.

 4. Spiderwoman

The new Spiderwoman: Origins series in 2005 entirely retconned the origin of Jessica Drew’s Spiderwoman. We see that this version gained her powers when her father beamed spider DNA into her mother’s pregnant uterus. If this sounds preposterous then the next bulk of information will make you question your existence because this version of Drew also worked for Hydra but only because she was brainwashed and the bad guys planted false memories in her head.

 5. Ant-Man

Specifically, the third Ant-Man Eric O’Grady appears as the part of the Avengers formed under Steve Rogers Hydra. This version of Grady is actually a life model decoy of the original and calls himself Black Ant. He is also an obnoxious person and is the one to easily defect to the stronger side. A fact readily apparent when we see him switch sides when Thor comes asking for re-enforcements from the bad Avengers.

 6. The Punisher

Frank Castle is the rogue element in the Marvel universe and no one in his right mind would call this man a hero. However, joining Hydra is an evil move that the Punisher will never undertake. In this particular instance, Punisher only joined Hydra because Steve Roger’s claimed that he would correct history and save a lot of people including Castle’s family. Castle later regrets joining Hydra and goes on a rampage to finish the organization when he finds out the sham that the fake Steve Rogers has pulled on him.

 7. Elektra

Elektra Nachiotas is a fixer for the mysterious organization known only as the hand. They only have a presence in the comics and have operated as a secret organization opposing the immortal iron fist since time immemorial. We have seen Elektra operate as the part of the hand and on behalf of HYDRA itself at certain occasions. Given that she may not be the definition of a superhero but she makes it on the list nonetheless.

 8. Codename: Bravo

Originally a super soldier Bravo was teamed up with Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter as part of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s elite squad of heroes. However, Peggy became a source of conflict between the men and Bravo ended up joining HYDRA. His main concern was never villainy; it was in fact always a pursuit to defeat and beat Steve Rogers in every aspect. Unfortunately, Bravo met his untimely demise when he caught a bullet that Ricocheted off Captain America’s in the final battle of Bravo and Rogers.

 9. She-Hulk

In the depth of the Marvel Comicverse there lies the earth X series. This Marvel story takes place on Earth-9997 where everything is exactly the same as our good old Earth-616 but the only difference is that every superhero or superpower is the result of mutations. Moreover, the Terran mists released by the Kree Empire only perpetuate the powered population increasing the numbers of mutants all throughout the globe. In this universe, HYDRA does not exist as we know it. In fact, it is a species of green octopi that take over their hosts; yes these octopi are parasitic in nature. Created by Norman Osborne, the Queen of these ‘Hydra’ gets hold of Jen Walters aka She-Hulk of this world.

 10. Vision

When Steve Rogers emerged as the supreme ruler of the Marvel Universe in secret empire another one of his followers was Vision. Although his reasons were not as substantial as they were in Civil War, it was simply a ‘virus’ developed by HYDRA scientist Armin Zola which kept Vision in check and under control. It was due to some ‘hiccups’ in programming that vision was finally able to break free of this uncalled for programming and join the fight for good once again.

 11. Sue Storm

Characters Hydra

If you’re an interdimensional traveller in the Marvel Comic Multiverse you might want to cross off earth-1720 from your list. This is a desolate barren land where HYDRA has completely taken over the world. The leader of this version of HYDRA is none other sue storms. She is extremely ruthless in this iteration of hers as the supreme tyrant of the evil organization. Sue storm of earth-1720 is defeated by the exiles and she later ends up blowing up the entire dimension to smithereens.

 12. Spider-Man 2099

If you’ve had the pleasure of playing the shattered dimensions game of Spider-Man or if you’re just into Spider-Man comics you must have come across this version of the web-slinger. Miguel O’hara is a resident of 2099 and he is the Spider-Man of the present day. He resides in this dimension but he also has been the part of sue storm’s mind controlled HYDRA agents. Although the character was knocked unconscious before he could pose a serious threat to his former teammates, he still acted in the interest of Hydra of earth-1720.

 13. Weasel

The foul-mouthed arms dealer from Deadpool once ended up on an island that only had a HYDRA base on it. Instead of lurking in the shadows and hiding out of fear, Weasel decided to enlist his services in the forces of HYDRA. His new evil persona was titled ‘The penetraitor’ a spelling he ensured Wolverine, comes into play. The penetraitor later teleported the entire HYDRA army on the base to a prison in Guantanamo bay fulfilling his ‘traitor’ spellings. What a wacky guy.

 14. Scarlet Witch

The alternate reality Captain America had listed the help of many dark forces. One of these forces was an elder God by the name of CHhton. This elder God represents Chaos and he took residence in the body of Scarlet Witch during the events of the secret empire. This possession allowed Rogers to control Wanda and harness her power for personal gains at the same time. Eventually, Wanda does break free of the spell and manages to evict the unwanted squatter from her body with the help of Dr. Strange.

 15. Deadpool

Wade Wilson is easily the craziest man in the Marvel Multiverse, he known for his crazy antics, he’ll he’s famous for them. He’s even killed the entire Marvel Universe before and he has done it at numerous occasions in his mad rage. His admiration for Steve Rogers was what made him pursue a life as an Avenger in the secret empire’s version of the Avengers. It was only when Rogers sent him to locate the resistance did Deadpool’s conscience start bugging him about his actions.

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