15 Marvel Superheroes That Can Literally Control Forces of Nature

Marvel Comics is filled with superheroes that can fly, shoot energy and lift hundreds of tons. Amongst so many heroes, there exists a select few that are even more unique. These superheroes can manipulate the elements itself. Fire, Water, Earth, Light, Ice, Lightning, Wind are the pillars of Nature. And each superhero we list below can at least manipulate one of those foundations, if not more. Presenting 15 Marvel Superheroes that can literally control forces of Nature…

Storm – Weather

We start of the list by including Ororo Munroe aka Storm of the X-Men. Storm can manipulate the weather itself. She can create fogs, thunderstorms, powerful category 5 tornadoes and torrential rainfall that can create massive floods.

Pyro – Fire

 Pyro is another mutant on this list (As a matter of fact, you will see a lot of mutants on this list). Pyro cannot generate fire but can expertly control existing flames to create living constructs out of it that are controlled by him.

Iceman – Ice

 Iceman is an Omega Level Mutant who, as the name suggests, can create and control ice. Iceman can not only transform his entire body to ice. His once froze off the entire Earth and pushed the planet to another ice age.

Elixir – Life

Elixir is another Omega-level mutant that can control all aspects of flora and fauna biology, including but not limited to human anatomy. He can give you cancer or a brain tumor or cure you of it if you just say the right words to push his buttons.

Magneto – Magnetism

 Magneto is the master of magnetism. He can manipulate any magnetically charged object with utmost precision. He can not only manipulate metals but also control the Earth’s magnetic field. He is a living, breathing doomsday device.

Riptide – Wind

 Riptide can spin so fast he can generate tornadoes. Riptide had a brief stint with the X-Men as a Superhero. Riptide’s body secretes a raisin that mixes with his mini tornadoes as he spins. The raisins crystallize and create super sharp projectiles,

Avalanche – Earth

Avalanche has been a longtime member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Avalanche can summon and manipulate the tectonic fields to create devastating earthquakes. He can create Earthquakes up to Category 5. A category 5 Earthquake can create entire continents.

Groot – Flora


 Groot hails from Planet X. As a being literally made of plant life, Groot can do stuff that others can’t like creating and controlling the plant like protrusions out of his own body.

Krakoa – Flora

 Krakoa’s are a mutant offshoot. They are basically islands and landmasses that gained sentience when they were exposed to radiation. A Krakoa can control everything within its own body.

Sunspot – Light

 Sunspot is a mutant Superhero and longtime ally of the X-Men. Sunspot can manipulate Solar Energy. He can absorb this energy to strengthen his own abilities or use it to project destructive solar energy beams.

Human Torch – Fire

 Johnny Storm aka Human Torch of the X-Men is a well-known member of the Fantastic Four team. Johnny Storm can transform his body into a literal being of fire. His body can generate temperature equal to that of the surface of the sun. That amount of heat can do a lot more than melt ice creams. It can end all life on Earth as we know it.

Spectrum – Light

 Monica Rambeau is Spectrum. She used to be the previous Captain Marvel until she gained light based abilities and went through a name change. Monica can control light energy. She can also transform herself into a being of pure light.

Man-Thing – Flora

 Man-Thing is essentially a copy of DC’s Swamp Thing. Man-Thing is made up of plants himself and can manipulate trees and plants to do his bidding. That is one eco-friendly and overpowered superhero.

Surge – Electricity

marvel superheroes

 Surge’s body absorbs electricity at all times. It is an involuntary function so she has no control over it. Surge can absorb energy from the static in the air or from any other electric source available. She can then discharge this energy in bursts of energy or channel it into her body and grant her super speed.

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