Hulkbuster vs Justice Buster: Who Would Win?

Hulkbuster vs Justice Buster: Which One is Better?

Sure there have been versus talks about Batman and Iron Man and their wealth, about Batman and Iron Man in their strengths but there hasn’t ever been a versus between Batman’s Justice Buster and Iron Man’s Hulk-Buster. If you don’t know what they are, Hulk Buster was what Tony used to pound Bruce Banner when he went full on Hulk Smash in Africa. Remember the “Go to sleep Go to sleep Go to sleep” scene in Age Of Ultron? Yeah, that big machine was the Hulk Buster

Hulk Buster

Well, Hulkbuster is one of the suits of Iron Man and as shown in Age Of Ultron is pretty powerful and can sometimes, mind it, sometimes even beat the shit out of the Hulk. The suit has great brute strength, can lift more than a thousand tons and has rocketed to power its punches. Hulk and the Buster have fought each other twice in the comics. The first time resulted in a tie, while the second time, it was torn into pieces. Not only that, the Hulkbuster has small Gamma radiation holes to weaken the Hulk. The problems with this suit are that it lacks mobility and speed.

Justice Buster

The Justice Buster was created by Batman and in his words, “Is designed for war” it has the countermeasures to take down every justice league hero, with speed trackers to even track the Flash, the opposite of the Lasso, to show Wonder Woman exactly what she wants to see, small Red Sun particles in the fists to beat Superman, moisture absorbing gum to  defeat Aquaman and the Electromagnetic Nerve Tree to defeat Cyborg.

Hulkbuster VS Justice Buster

Hulkbuster vs Justice Buster

Well, game on guys!! If these two are gonna go toe to toe, we first need some clear fields so that even if there is carnage, there is no loss of life whatsoever. Where Hulkbuster is really strong and can lift a lot, Batman’s Buster is just way more advanced.

Along with the Electromagnetic Nerve Tree, which alone is enough to destroy the Hulk Buster, the Justice Buster is meant to take on the ENTIRE JUSTICE LEAGUE, and hence Tony and his creation don’t even stand a chance against the Dark Knight’s buster.

Verdict: The Justice Buster wins. Hands down.

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