12 Most Powerful Spider-Man Suits That Can Give Iron-Man Run For His Money

Spiderman is one of the most beloved superheroes in the Marvel universe. He has faced everything that world threw at him and triumphed in both civilian and superhero life. But there is always a dark side to everyone and he is no different. For instance, Peter Parker comes across as a nice guy but he can be a pretty terrible friend sometimes. Harry Osborn is his best friend, he got addicted to drugs and his life started to go on a downward spiral, just when he needed Peter the most, he was not there for him. In Amazing Spider-man #156, Peter Parker slept with his girlfriend Betty Brant while going through a break-up with Mary Jane, he did’nt feel guilty of his moral transgressions. Once in Marvel Zombies comics, a deadly virus turned superheroes into evil zombies, Spiderman decided to have Aunt May for lunch and Mary Jane for dinner.

In the new Spiderman franchise (Marvel-Sony JV), the popular actor Tom Holland is cast as Peter Parker/Spiderman. It is based on “Spiderman Homecoming” storyline, the comic was launched in the 1990’s and the idea was to re-invent Spiderman character in comics which totally aligns with the present vision of Sony Pictures. The title is apt as it’s a coming-of-age High-school drama and he is actually coming back to his home – MCU. He was introduced into the Marvel cinematic universe in Captain America: Civil War where he was picked by Tony Stark to fight for his team. The movie has drawn heavily from the classic era works of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, for instance, Spiderman’s costume and web-wings on display bear distinct influence of the 1960’s comics.

Spider Man’s web-slinging ability is the most common power that we have known for decades. is able to throw web-slingers as he was bitten by a radioactive spider or sometimes he engineers web-shooters. He has the power to evolve and adapt itself to different environments. His fighting ability and skills have always fascinated us to expect so much more from our superheroes. Irrespective of what powers he has, there is one thing that has always made a difference is his costumes. Yes, you are guessing it right! I am talking about his suits, which he has changed several times and we don’t know about it. But don’t worry! QuirkyByte is here. Check out top Spider-Man suits that can give Iron Man run for his money.

 1) Armored Spider-Man


This version of Spiderman was hotheaded and egotistical kind of superhero. This one is the alternate reality sort of Spiderman. Peter Parker would have donned the suit if he had stopped the burglar and saved Uncle Ben from being killed. And he would also be a multi-billionaire and a playboy.

2) Future Foundation Spider-Man


As part of the Future Foundation, the Spiderman came up with a new costume made from third generation unstable molecules. This suit can be changed by mental control. Moreover, it allows him to switch to different other colors including the famous red-blue suit.

3) Miles Morales Spider-Man


Miles Morales is a young boy from Brooklyn who was bitten by an Oz-enhanced spider after which he possessed superhuman powers. He got the same web shooters like Peter Parker but he also had a power to temporarily paralyze his enemies by touching them. Marvel top boss Kevin Feige is hinting at the possibility of Miles Morales in the MCU. He said that he was already present in the timeline and is waiting for his turn to shine.

The famous actor Donald Glover’s character Aaron Davis features in the deleted scene released by Trenzing Indonesia Youtube Channel. The scene picks up after Spiderman has webbed David to the car and he is trying everything to free himself. He eventually called his nephew who is none other than Miles Morales, hence confirming that he is part of the larger MCU. Donald Glover’s character was indeed a version of Prowler in the Homecoming movie. It is now confirmed that Marvel is bringing Miles Morales into the MCU.

Moreover, there is an upcoming animated film based on the character that is in the works. It is written and produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (LEGO movie). It makes great sense for Sony to differentiate its animated version of Spiderman from Marvel’s portrayal of the character, Miles Morales perfectly fits the bill. He donned the mantle in Marvel comics after Peter Parker died in 2011. Kevin Feige had this to say about the presence of Miles Morales in the MCU:

“In the meantime, I think Miles is a big part of the animated movie that Sony’s making. But where we go…we definitely want you to go there. He’s there somewhere.'”

4) Spider-Man Noir


This alternate dark version of Spiderman appeared after a spider bit Peter Parker and gave him some different powers. After donning this suit, he possessed acrobatic agility. In order to take down Osborn, Peter wears a black mask, gloves, and trench coat. He also carries a cool pistol.

5) Cosmic Spider-Man


Spiderman once possessed the cosmic abilities of Captain Universe which changed his overall appearance giving Uni power and making him one of the strongest person on the earth. He also possessed the power to shoot-off energy blasts.

6. Spiderman 2099 Costume: 

This costume has extreme durability and various tracking systems with unstable molecules inside its configuration. It is bright and futuristic in its applications. It is almost indestructible and allows the use of claws and wings without damaging the costume.

7. Big Time Costume:

In order to fight against Hobgoblin, Spiderman realized that he had no protection against his sonic screams. So he designed a new suit which has anti-sound features that are activated and render all attacks ineffective. The suit can also go into stealth mode when it glows green making it effectively invisible.

8. Iron Spider:

Stark Industries has been working on a new upgraded suit for quite some time that is loaded with amazing features. It’s sometimes also called as Iron Spider suit. Spiderman will be donning an upgraded Iron-Spider suit which we saw at the end of Spiderman: Homecoming.

It has a modern, upgraded stealth armor with a strong metallic base which enabled him to fight Winter Soldier in the Civil war. There are enhanced web-shooters embedded in the suit which displays classic Spiderman signal along with spider light, spider trackers etc. We will see web wings or triangular webbing which allows Spiderman to glide through long distances in the city akin to military base jumping. For the first time, we saw how Spiderman changes his clothes so quickly with the help of a “Quick change” button. There are various web functions embedded in new Tech suit such as smartphone-like interface, spider trackers, spider light, spider drone, spider tracer etc.

9. Symbiote:

Symbiotes are highly controversial as in addition to everything that other Spiderman suits can do, it messes with the mental balance of the person who dons it. The alien suit makes Peter Parker extremely violent and bereft of any moral conscience. He will lose his humanity and go on a killing spree if he wears an advanced symbiote armor. It will make him bad-ass but it will be difficult for him to go back to his civilian identity again.

10. Superior Spiderman: 

This suit had offensive capabilities, enhances lenses that give him full display, and the material used was carbonadium that provides extra-layered protection from adversaries. It had enhanced talons which can paralyze anyone with a swipe and allows the user to communicate with robotic inventions. And guess what Doc Ock was wearing this once.

11. Ends of the Earth:

It is also known as Spider-Armor MK III. It combined the best features of all the other suits into one and was fully equipped to combat the threat of Doc Ock and Sinister Six who were holding the planet hostage by speeding up the greenhouse effect.

12. Amazing Spider-man Suit:

It is the most technologically advanced suit that Spiderman has ever created. It is loaded with an insane amount of gadget but it has extra features such as acid webs, magical energy tracker, electric systems and it responds to voice commands of a super advanced version of Siri. It virtually has it all and more.

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