3 Simple Ways to Overcome Binge-Eating!


[tps_header]Do you feel like the biggest loser when it comes to weight loss? Are you feeding your feelings? Are you binging? Do you feel guilty for substituting reason with food?

Binge-eating or “binging” is the compulsive urge to overeat, looking for solutions in the fridge, even though hunger is not the issue. Two of the most common causes of binge-eating are emotional instability and using an extreme form of a restricted diet. For people who are binging, food becomes the only way to cope up with negative emotions. An extremely low-calorie diet might also trigger this behavior.

Emotional eating is normal and not everyone who overeats is a binger. However if the habit becomes excessive… an individual is trapped in a vicious food-cycle. Here are 3 simple ways to overcome binge-eating…[/tps_header]

[tps_title]Rule no#1. Awareness of the tricky food-cycle.[/tps_title]


You are depressed, angry, excited, bored, moody, happy, and anxious and so on. Instead of confronting your issues, you feed your feelings with food! The trap begins here:

  1. You are feeling emotionally unstable because of some issues…hunger is not one of them.
  2. Instead of confronting the issue directly, you look for solutions in the fridge. You are substituting reason with food!
  3. You get some momentary solace from the sugar rush. A false blissful moment is created for a short period of time.
  4. You feel like a loser because almost certainly the food you ate hasn’t solved your problem. You end up feeling guilty, ashamed and cross with yourself. Now you grab for more food in order to cope up with those feelings. Welcome to the cycle!!!

So be aware of this tricky cycle and think before you eat!

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