4 Ways Kombucha Tea Can Treat Us

Apart from its taste (similar to effervescent cider) and its capacity to stop thrust sensations, the kombucha tea is also known for the natural enzymes it contains. Kombucha is practically a living ailment that helps the enzymes from our digestive system to fragment the ailments we have consumed in nutritive substances that are easier to assimilate. Think about the passiveness you feel each time you eat something. It is a normal feeling you have because your body is trying to digest the food you have eaten. As the kombucha tea is having such a powerful positive effect upon the process of digestion means that our organism doesn’t have to put a lot of effort in digesting food. This will allow us to relocate energy in other activities.

Research reveals that after the age of 40 the levels of digestive enzymes start to decrease. Moreover, while cooked, aliments loose some of the enzymes and nutritive substances they contain. Therefore, it is possible that you might not achieve the proper level of nutrients in your body, no matter how many ailments you may consume. When drinking kombucha tea, the mushroom adds up its living enzymes to your digestive system and that’s why some people feel a sort of boost of energy or sensations of well-being.

Not only that kombucha tea is good for general consumption, it can also cure several health problems.

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1) Rheumatism

Kombucha Tea
Kombucha Tea

A treatment with kombucha tea for two months, while consuming half a liter daily can bring upon remarkable detoxification effects. The glucuronic acid that the mushroom releases can help with the elimination of toxic substances from the organism, being a good adjuvant in treating this kind of sickness.

2) Migraines

Kombucha Tea
Kombucha Tea

Powerful headaches of nervous origin can be treated with the consumption of 2-3 glasses of kombucha tea per day. The immediate effect of this treatment will eliminate stress sensations and reactions from nervous overstrain.

3) Epidemic diseases (such as flu)

Kombucha Tea
Kombucha Tea

Recent studies have revealed that certain substances released by the kombucha mushroom have a neutralizing effect upon viruses and the majority of bacteria. Moreover, this cure is a powerful stimulant for the immunity system on a long term. Generally speaking, in order to strength the natural resistance of the organism, one should prepare a 2-week treatment while drinking half a liter of kombucha tea per day.

4) Adjuvant in cancer treatment

Kombucha Tea
Kombucha Tea

 Research that was undertaken at least 50 years ago upon this type of mushroom indicates that the purifying effects of kombucha, its capacity to stimulate the immunity system (as it also stimulates the production of Interferon) and the effects its enzymes have on our organism comprise an excellent remedy in protecting the body from cancer. It can also be used in treating colon cancer and leukemia in their incipient forms. The treatment should last at least 45 days while drinking 1 liter of kombucha tea per day.


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