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    4 Ways Kombucha Tea Can Treat Us

    Apart from its taste (similar to effervescent cider) and its capacity to stop thrust sensations, the kombucha tea is also known for the natural enzymes it contains. Kombucha is practically a living ailment that helps the enzymes from our digestive system to fragment the ailments we have consumed in nutritive substances that are easier to assimilate. Think about the passiveness…

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    A Healthy Life With a New Home-Made Product: The Kombucha Tea

    No one can indicate the precise origins of the kombucha bacteria (or the kombucha mushroom) but it was surely used in the 220 BC during the Tsin dynasty. The tea made from the kombucha ferment has been appreciated for more than 2000 years and thanks to its miraculous effects on the body it was called “the tea of immortality” or…

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