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5 Characters Confirmed To Appear In The Guardians Game (And 5 We Wanna See)

Square Enix and Eidos revealed Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game at E3. It is a new single-player RPG title where the player controls Star-Lord as he tried to lead the Guardians. This consists of Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot. Star-Lord must try to keep others together after the fallout of a massive intergalactic war. After the game’s twenty minutes trailer and gameplay footage, a few characters have been confirmed to appear. Others might make a surprise appearance and even fans want to see them. Now let’s check the list.

Characters Confirmed To Appear In The Guardians Game

1. Cosmo

In a story where a gun-toting raccoon and a walking tree are there, the inclusion of a telepathic dog from Russia looks bizarre by comparison. Cosmo the Space Dog made an instant appearance in the game’s reveal trailer. But no information was revealed about him. Possibly Cosmo can be a new member of the team commanded by Quill in the battle. He can also be a guest star for one part of the game. Cosmo has already made a cameo appearance in MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

2. Lady Hellbender

Characters Confirmed To Appear In The Guardians Game

A massive threat that the Guardians might face in the game can be Lady Hellbender. She is a new creation from Marvel comics and is a villain of She-Hulk and Venom. She won’t be a part of the battle but will hunt and collect rare monsters for her zoo among the universe. The Guardians attempt to swindle her using Rocket and Groot and it does not go well. This is a good sign that Eidos is experimenting with new and less obvious villains like Ronan the Accuser or Thanos.

3. The Blood Brothers

A short segment of the reveal trailer shows Peter Quill aka Star-Lord fighting the twin aliens called the Blood Brothers. According to the comics, they are the servants of Thanos. This makes sense since according to the info given by Square Enix, the game will take place after an intergalactic war spearheaded by Thanos and the Chitauri. The Blood Brothers are zealots who serve Thanos, even after the war is over. They have no dialogue in the trailer. But it looks like they are determined to kidnap or kill Star-Lord.

4. Mantis

Mantis is now a favorite character of all the MCU fans. The character is like a child and so is very innocent. So it looks like the fans will be happy since she will also appear in the game. The trailer shows her meeting Star-Lord. So those who have loved the character in the movies, as well as comics, will not be left disappointed. Also, Mantis looks to be closer to her film counterpart in comparison to the human-turned Celestial in the comics.

5. Wendigo

Characters Confirmed To Appear In The Guardians Game

At a montage of action gameplay segments, we can see Star-Lord blasting a monster on a snowy planet. A fan also asked on Twitter if it was the Marvel character called Wendigo. The official Twitter page replied with an emoji, which confirms that it is. According to the comics, Wendigo is a mystical villain and the result of an ancient curse. But Wendigo’s representation here looks to be slightly altered. But it is not the first time that Marvel explained magic through cosmic origins. Thor from MCU is a good example to explain this.

Other Characters Want To See

1. Captain Marvel

The Guardians of the Galaxy game provides a lot of hints about a bigger Marvel universe. There have been mentions of Thanos and Dazzler’s poster from X-Men can be seen on Star Lord’s wall. So this can allow other characters to appear including the fellow cosmic hero, Captain Marvel. Square Enix has stated that Guardians were not just involved in the intergalactic war but they were also responsible for the main threat of the story. This can gain the attention of Captain Marvel and she might fight or join the Guardians.

2. J’Son of Spartax

According to Peter Quill’s bio, J’Son of Spartax is not the son of Ego The Living Planet as shown in the films. Rather than that, Eidos follows the comics where Peter is the son of J’Son, the king of Spartax. Peter Quill is not aware of his heritage and does not approach his birthright as a prince other than his nickname. It can make us think if J’Son or the Spartax empire will make an appearance in the game. They can be a friend or foe. It has been said that peter was captured by Chitauri after they killed his mother. Peter was captive for four years and became one of the Ravagers. But it is unknown why J’Son did not try to save his son.

3. Yondu Udonta

According to Peter Quill’s bio, he betrayed the Ravagers and sold them out to avoid his jail time. It suggests that the Ravagers and Yondu Udonta could be the antagonists for the Guardians. The Guardians of the Galaxy game is going to embrace the comics as well as film incarnations of the characters. So fans are excited to know how Eidos will portray Yondu. Those who are not familiar with the comics should know that Yondu is completely different from what was portrayed by Michael Rooker.

4. Nova

MCU has missed a big opportunity by not introducing Richard Rider aka Nova. The Nova Corps played an important role in the first film but Nova himself was not seen in the movie. But possibly he might appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy game. According to Gamora’s character bio, she approached Nova for help in defeating her adoptive father Thanos. It confirms that he exists in the universe and because the Guardians end up being arrested by the Nova Corps, Nova can be the one to vouch for them.

5. Starhawk

Star-Lord is now a very popular character. But he was not the original leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The first Guardians team of 1969 had different members and their leader was Starhawk. It was shown in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with Sylvester Stallone’s Starhawk and his team of Ravagers. Starhawk is a weird character and he is born again and again and shares his body with his sister. Eidos might introduce him and the original Guardians as allies or enemies that could expand upon this new universe even more.

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