10 Amazing Fan Theories That Make These Movies Great

It is common for the audience to bring up their own theories for those films that are usually comic book and novel adaptations. But there have been a few films outside of that genre where fans have tried to conjure their own theory. A few of them have proved to be true while the others did not. A good example here is the movie of Christopher Nolan. The genius director is known for playing with time in his movies. Now you will be called a liar if you say that you understood Nolan’s movie by watching it for just one time. On this basis, viewers try to put up their own theories related to the plot of the film. Now let’s look at the list of some amazing fan theories:

1. Donkey is a Pinocchio character in Shrek

The Shrek franchise has been a huge hit and has received a positive response from the audience. Now despite being an animated film, the franchise spends a lot of time exploring the backstories of the characters. One of those characters is Donkey. A fan theory says that Donkey was a human being in the beginning. It was one of the boys who were turned into a donkey at Pleasure Island in Pinocchio. Those donkeys can also talk. Now since a remake is being developed, possibly it will explore the origins of the Donkey.

2. Agent J killed everyone in Men In Black

The Men In Black franchise has been popular as it introduced a large number of extraterrestrial beings on screen. The most famous part of the franchise is the device called neutralizer. It can erase people’s memories when they look at it. Agent J has been seen taking its powers for granted and always flashing passersby with it. While using it, J tells a cover-up story that mostly comes with the intention of improving their lives. But the theory explains that J has been killing people and so his stories are open to interpretation. For example, when J asks a man to move out of his mom’s house, he yells for his mom and also picks up a shovel after J leaves.

3. Terminators are peaceful

The first two Terminator films are considered the best in the franchise. The rest of the films have not been up to the mark. But they are still enjoyable. A theory says that Terminators are unwilling slaves. This makes sense since when T-800’s chip is reset in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, he becomes more human. Later, in Terminator: Dark Fate, the terminator decides to live a peaceful life when its link to Skynet is switched off.

4. Jason Bourne isn’t a former assassin

Amazing Fan Theories

Jason Bourne is a former assassin hunted by the CIA. But a theory says that he was not a former assassin. Instead, he has schizophrenia and the film is kind of a spiritual successor to A Beautiful Mind. The theory says that Bourne is a fisherman with a small inheritance. This makes sense since he is rescued by a fisherman boat at the beginning of The Bourne Identity. The first three Bourne films don’t need a fan theory to make them the best. But it improves with Jason Bourne. Also, it doesn’t explain The Bourne Legacy that follows a completely different CIA agent to Bourne.

5. Neo is a dog in The Matrix

1999’s The Matrix is considered one of the best science fiction films ever made. It has a deep philosophical subject matter and so it easily falls down a hole of Matrix-related theories for hours. This includes theories about the upcoming sequel. But one theory says that Neo is a dog. This has made the fans watch the series from a new perspective. A Reddit user has explained that in The Matrix, other beings can enter the human beings. Now considering that Neo gets up to a dog-like behavior like becoming obsessed with Trinity, the first one to find him and give him home. Neo is also obsessed with the looping cat.

6. Del killed his wife in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, Trains and Automobiles are some of the best road trip movies. It follows an old couple, Neal and Del who has to travel through American Midwest together to get home in time for Thanksgiving. Neal usually gets frustrated because of the huge suitcase that Del carries with him every time. It is established that he carries the huge case since he is homeless but there might be another reason. According to a theory, he keeps the case closely since it carries his dead wife instead of his belongings. He has mentioned his wife throughout the movie. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes and cut content related to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Maybe the filmmakers explored this narrative avenue at some point.

7. The Rock is a James Bond movie

The Rock is that one movie directed by Michael Bay that managed to receive some positive reviews. Now a fan theory says that it is actually a James Bond movie. But there are some similarities except the fact that Sean Connery is in both the movies. The theory is consistent with the continuity of the six James Bond movies where Connery was in the lead role. His character in The Rock explains that he was trained by British Intelligence. In the climax of Diamonds Are Forever, Bond is seen on the SS. Canberra. It docked in San Francisco in 1971. It was one year before John Mason was captured in The Rock. This doesn’t end there since there is so much evidence that gives the theory so much credit.

8. The mafia engineered the shark in Jaws

Jaws is considered one of the best movies made by Steven Spielberg. There are a lot of good things about this movie. Now a fan theory makes it even better. In the novel version of the film, Mayor Vaughn was linked to the mafia. It is a reason why Amity must make money over the summer so that the mafia can be paid. But the mafia is never mentioned in the movie. The theory explores the idea that the mafia genetically engineered a more hyper-aggressive shark for creating these attacks and helping them to maintain control of Amity after the economy is ruined.

9. Why T-800 didn’t wear the star-shaped glasses in Terminator 3

Amazing Fan Theories

There is a theory about Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines that took a lot of time to come out. The opening sequence of every Terminator movie is procedural since they all start in the same way. The T-800 searches for a disguise while coming out of the void stark naked and it is usually made up of a leather jacket and shades. In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the T-800 takes a stripper’s outfit and it also has red-tinted star-shaped glasses. The T-800 crushes them with his foot and it is usually believed to be since they look stupid. But a theory says that he does that since the terminator’s field of vision is tinted red and wearing them will make it impossible to see.

10. Willy Wonka and his father are supernatural beings

The 2005 remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had a lot of things that made it better than the 1971 original. A theory says that Willy Wonka and his father are supernatural beings in the film. The theory is derived from the fact that his father’s house could teleport and the supernatural activity is activated by a candy. There are several teleportation devices and the great glass elevator that is kind of unrealistic in the movie. The novel adaptation by Tim Burton has received a mixed reception from everyone. But the above-mentioned theory now makes the film more interesting to watch.

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