Marvel Comics Update: The Silver Surfer Is The New God of Thunder

Silver Surfer is one of the most underappreciated characters in the Marvel Universe. A disastrous movie from Fox did not help this character gain the recognition and acknowledgment it rightfully deserves. The movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was a catastrophe in terms of PR for the Surfer. As one of the Universe’s strongest cosmic powered heroes, he deserves more. The movies may be a lost cause for him but the comics do promise some form of solace for the Surfer. Believe it or not, the Silver Surfer’s already enormous power levels are getting another shot in the arm. The Silver Surfer has lifted Mjolnir to become Thor – the new God of Thunder of Marvel Comics.

Spoiler Alert: The following paragraphs contain major spoilers for Thanos #16. If you still haven’t read the thing, it is time for you to get the hell out of here!!!

The aforementioned issue saw the literal extinction of the Universe. Thanos was able to kill the entire opposition who went against his rule. All the Gods, the superheroes and the cosmic entities could not withstand the might of the Mad Titan. Even the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus, was killed in a fight with Thanos. As Thanos reign runs supreme throughout the Universe, one champion of the Good returns from his long slumber to end the Titan’s empire of Tyranny and restore peace to the Universe.

The Silver Surfer aka Norrin Radd returns to fight Thanos. Equipped with the Power Cosmic and Mjolnir, the Surfer is too much of a trouble for Thanos to take on in a one on one fight. So Thanos decides to use his trump card – a version of Thanos from Marvel’s current world to help defeat the Silver Surfer of this world. But if the Surfer was capable of besting Thanos, why didn’t he do it before Thanos launched his universe wide genocide??

The answer lies in the pages of Thanos #16. While Thanos was busy killing the Marvel Gods and wiping out entire Pantheons, The Silver Surfer was busy training to become worthy of Mjolnir, Thor’s Mystical Hammer. The Surfer only came to trade blows with Thanos after mastering the art of Godhood as the new Lord of Lightning. When you have something like Mjolnir at your command, even the King of the Universe doesn’t sound so intimidating anymore.

The Silver Surfer will be fighting Thanos at his Tower of Creation, located at the very edge of the Universe. The Mad Titan of both Universes will have to work hand in hand to ensure the Surfer does not defeat them. On the Other Side, the Surfer is racing against time to get to Thanos’ tower, with the Mjolnir in hand, and end his reign once and for all. Thanos has offered the life of the entire universe as a form of sacrifice to impress Death, who still seems unimpressed. While the Cosmic Ghost Rider aka Frank Castle aka the Punisher is all set to make his mark when the fight begins.

The Calm before the Storm:

As the two Thanoses exchange glances and wisdom, the older Thanos explains how he was able to conquer the Universe with his unrivaled power and intellect, earning him the younger Thanos’ respect. Emperor Thanos then goes on to explain that there is a credible threat from a being known as the Fallen One. The Younger Thanos thinks he is referring to the Herald of Galactus the former easily defeated. That is not the case.

As the Annihilation wave tears through a fabric of space and time and launches a full scale invasion of the Universe, the insectoid army brings with them the one the Older Thanos refers to as The Fallen one. And it is not who you think it is. The Fallen One is the Silver Surfer, with a black complexion and the power of Mjolnir held in left hand.

War Drums roar:

The Annihilation Wave is led by none other than Silver Surfer, God of Thunder and the Power Cosmic. He is here to dispatch Thanos from Good. As Thanos readies himself for the fight in Thanos #16, the Silver Surfer calls upon Mjolnir as lightning starts surrounding the former Herald of Galactus. This fight is about to get ugly.

Thanos #16 is on sale in retail and digital stores worldwide.

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