5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Is Better Than Any DCEU Superhero

As Wonder Woman finally debuts her solo movie, we list out five reasons why she is the best superhero in the DC Extended Universe. Do you agree?

Wonder Woman Is The Best Fighter:

While Superman may be the strongest, he even cannot compare to Wonder Woman. The hero has been raised to be an adept fighter, having been trained by Amazonian warriors.She has taken on fights with fellow Justice League members and she has defeated a few.It also helps that she’s immortal, stronger than your average hero and more intelligent about her fighting strategies.

Wonder Woman Is The First Female DCEU Hero:

Wonder Woman is not only the first female superhero in DC Extended Universe, she is also the driving force behind the formation of the Justice League.Her solo movie has already been touted as the best that DCEU has to offer, getting a 97% Fresh rating on the notorious website Rotten Tomatoes. Her influence will no doubt have a rippling effect on future female superhero movies and the next DC movies.

Wonder Woman’s Unbreakable Spirit:

Wonder Woman’s story is different from other DCEU heroes. She chose to fight for humanity because of her huge belief in it. She left behind her title and position in her home and has preceded to be thrown into circumstances that have tested her will and spirit. She has shown time and again that she has a willful spirit that cannot be easily broken.

Her Biggest Nemesis Is The God Of War:

While Lex Luthor, The Joker, Black Manta, Reverse Flash and every other villain has caused huge destruction. They are nothing when compared to Diana’s biggest villain Ares. Not only is he a literal God (God Of War), there is no other hero who can go against him but Diana who is also a half-god.

Wonder Woman Is The Daughter Of Zeus:

wonder woman

Which leads to the next point, Wonder Woman is the literal spawn of the Greek God Zeus. A fact that has resulted in her connection with a lot of mythical creatures which has resulted in out of the world storylines. Potentials for a sequel’s storyline are rich and varied to choose from.

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