Doctor Strange 2 Beats The Batman And Becomes The Biggest Movie of 2022

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen a lot of success in ticket sales. As the universe has grown popular, we as a society, have witnessed a return to the digital art form of comics and the stories they showcase. MCU as a whole has taken center stage in the media industry. It is a good step forward for entertainment but there is a certain degree of commercialization to it that we don’t appreciate. A scientific study once concluded that humans love seeing numbers going up on a screen. So I think that is the only real part of this commercialization that we can actually appreciate. In that spirit, let me tell you how Doctor Strange 2 beats The Batman and became the biggest movie of 2022.

Doctor Strange 2 Beats The Batman

Doctor Strange 2 has now made a total of $803 million worldwide. Crossing The Batman‘s meager $768 million worldwide. Multiverse of Madness showed its true colors upon release. The movie was nothing more than an over-hyped artificially enhanced villain whose main power was plot armor. What else do you call Raimi’s obsession with making Elizabeth Olsen into some sort of a horror figure? It is quite strange that Marvel Studios chose to do nothing more than the obvious. But I will say this, they did it in a way that we could have never expected. It is one of the craziest things we have ever seen.


Wanda’s chase of Doctor Strange and Chavez still haunts all of our dreams. It is all because she decided to pursue her children even through the multiverse. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned and this was made apparent in the movie. But this trope only works because we know who Wanda is and what she has been through. Moreover, this movie was a Doctor Strange movie which means that there was a lot of fan support behind it. Hence, the movie’s steep rise on the highest-grossing list makes a lot more sense. MCU already dominates the top worldwide grosses list.


Doctor Strange 2 also beat Guardians of the Galaxy ($773 million), Star Wars ($775 million), both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 ($782 and $785 million respectively), and Spider-Man 2 ( $788 million). Moreover, the movie is nowhere near the end of its theatrical run. There is a lot of potential earning still on the table and hence a lot of glories to be had in the rising of numbers. It is certainly interesting to see the growth of the MCU and its crazy influence on the culture of our times.


The Future

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Now that Doctor Strange 2 has beaten The Batman at the worldwide Box Office you can be sure that Marvel will target to defeat WB at every juncture. Seeing as the DCEU is in shambles we don’t think that MCU will have a very hard time with it. Moreover, there is a certain degree of respite in the fact that The Batman franchise in the DCEU will probably be Marvel’s best competitor and even the MCU’s new releases would end up outperforming that movie for years.


Even the appearance of Clea at the end of the movie indicates that there is something sinister going on in the MCU. It is never easy to create universal catastrophes that can justify assembling the Avengers through time and space, but the annihilation of the entire universe might force a reunion. But the real question is how do you fight the physical structure of the universe. If two universes are clashing, then there is not much you can do. Even cosmic powerhouses would be at a loss. And judging by the impending incursion in the MCU we will need a new Avengers movie very soon to stop this clashing.


Doctor Strange 2 beats The Batman

With such events in Marvel’s back pocket, DC will have a very hard time taking them on with their own multiverse.

Let me know if you agree with our analysis and what you think about this achievement of Doctor Strange 2. Also, keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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