God of Thunder

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    Avengers 4 New Thor’s Concept Art Spotlights God of Thunder!

    Thor is one of the six original Avengers and certainly the strongest among them. He has come a long way in his journey from having everything (Kingdom, Lover) to losing everything and everyone. He fought his brother Loki in Thor franchise and subsequently in ‘The Avengers’. Subsequently, he switched sides and helped Thor to fight against Hela. In the Infinity…

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    Forget Thor, X-Men’s [SPOILER] Is Now The New God of Thunder!!!

    Thor has been unworthy of Mjolnir for quite some time in the comic books. While he retains most of his abilities, he just cannot lift Mjolnir anymore. Although it is claimed that the hammer is the source of Thor’s powers, the Marvel comic verse has its own prevailing theory of the Norse mythology. As seen in Thor: Ragnarök even the…

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    Marvel Comics Update: The Silver Surfer Is The New God of Thunder

    Silver Surfer is one of the most underappreciated characters in the Marvel Universe. A disastrous movie from Fox did not help this character gain the recognition and acknowledgment it rightfully deserves. The movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was a catastrophe in terms of PR for the Surfer. As one of the Universe’s strongest cosmic powered heroes, he…

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