10 Nonsensical Things About The Daniel Craig James Bond Movies

The James Bond franchise is completely different from the Fast & Furious and Mission: Impossible series. The action sequences, storytelling, and characters are completely different and have a different approach in comparison to other popular action franchises. But today, most people consider Casino Royale and Skyfall as modern-day Bond classics. Quantum of Solace and Spectre has received a mixed reception. Now the latest entry No Time To Die is releasing this year. It will mark Daniel Craig’s final appearance as James Bond. Now let’s check a few things that do not make sense in all the Daniel Craig James Bond movies.

1. Mr. White’s miraculous healing

White was shot in the leg by Bond at the end of Casino Royale. He was seen crawling on the ground and was not able to get up. White was then placed in the trunk of a car and he kept banging against its sides during Quantum of Solace’s opening car chase. He was later shot in the shoulder. But the shocking thing here is that despite all the horrible injuries, White was able to easily escape an MI6 interrogation room and re-appear at the opera. Now no one knows how is that possible because if that happens in real life, either someone will die or will not be functional for some time.

2. Connecting Silva’s computer to MI6’s network

There is no doubt that Skyfall is considered the best film in modern-day Bond films. The film received positive reviews and was also a box office success. But the film’s plot falls apart after Silva’s capture and return to MI6. This was Silva’s plan for MI6 so that he can find his laptop and connect it to their servers and infiltrate the high-security network. But Q, who is supposedly a computer whiz, will never connect a suspicious laptop like Silva’s to MI6’s main network. This would be tested in full isolation for avoiding what happened in the movie.

3. What was with the needles?

Daniel Craig James Bond Movies

2015’s Spectre shows us a dark story. The film has a creepy sequence where Bond is tortured with needles. Blofeld tells Bond that the needles will interfere with his balance and make him forget people. But after the needles are injected Bond still remembers Madeleine and then also escapes the facility. It looks like his balance is working completely fine. So what we get to see here is that the needles were of no use to Bond. Blofeld might have been bluffing about the effects. Now there is no clarification for these statements.

4. Le Chiffre leaves Vesper on the road

In one of the scenes, Le Chiffre kidnaps Vesper, ties her up, and leaves her in the middle of the road for some reason. Le Chiffre needs Vesper and Bond alive to access the money. Vesper had the controls to the account and Bond had the password. So the best plan was to leave Vesper on the road and the possibility here is that Bond will accidentally run over. Bond will then swerve to avoid her and maybe die in the resulting car crash. This is pure luck that Vesper and Bond managed to survive Le Chiffre’s incredibly dumb plan.

5. Most of the poker stuff in Casino Royale

Casino Royale was centered on a poker game. But the film does get a lot of things wrong about the game. Most of the errors were done for the dramatic effect but they remain as the major errors of the film. The biggest one here is that there are no side pots. Bond cannot go all-in since he is the chip leader and he reveals last when he should reveal it first. Also, Bond gives the dealer a meaningless tip since tournament poker chips do not similarly represent cash as the cash games do.

6. The Mathis timeline doesn’t match up

Casino Royale ended ambiguously. Bond told M to keep torturing Mathis for information since he suspects that Mathis is the mole. But he is not sure of the situation after the revelation that Vesper was the real mole. Then M states, “You don’t trust anyone, do you?” When Quantum of Solace begins, we get to know that Mathis has been cleared by MI6 and set up in a fancy Italian villa where he comfortably enjoys retirement. Now this timeline does not make any sense. Mathis should have been under MI6’s custody till now.

7. Bond’s horrible CPR

Casino Royale ended in a tragedy where Vesper dies by suicide by locking herself inside the collapsing elevator. The elevator falls into the water and Bond tries to save her. But still, Vesper drowns inside. Bond takes her body to the surface and performs a brief CPR before giving up and accepting that she is no more. Now Bond should have tipped Vesper to her side for purging her lungs out of water. But he gave up after 20 seconds. Bond is well trained in CPR. But if he tried a little bit harder, maybe he could have saved Vesper’s life.

8. How did Bond even survive?

Daniel Craig James Bond Movies

When you are watching an action film, sometimes you need to put aside real-life logic. The same also applies to the Bond franchise. But the opening scene of Skyfall pushes these limits to another level. Moneypenny shoots Bond in the shoulder and Bond falls hundreds of feet into the water below. Now in reality, if the same thing happens, any one of us could die. But this does not happen in Skyfall. Maybe the gunshots were not effective enough to kill Bond. But there is no way that Bond could have survived that fall.

9. How did they know it was MI6?

The Madagascar scene in Casino Royale is one of the best sequences from the film. Bond is seen as a gung-ho novice who doesn’t care about secrecy or MI6’s reputation. He is well chastised by M when he returns to London and she shows him a newspaper decrying MI6’s involvement in the embassy shootout. But it is not revealed how anyone knew that this random man was a secret agent working for MI6. He was just some man who had a grudge against a bomb maker and pursued him through an embassy. It is not like Bond talked to anyone when he was there.

10. Hydrogen Cyanide

Silva’s entire plan boils down to revenge. A few years ago, he was betrayed by M and left to die in the hands of the Chinese government. Instead of facing torture, Silva decided to kill himself with a hidden hydrogen cyanide capsule. But the pill failed to work and resulted in a horrible injury. Now the fact here is that hydrogen cyanide is not used in suicide capsules and does not burn with caustic properties. So it cannot melt Silva’s face. But it can deprive his body of oxygen. Also, ingestion of the compound is guaranteed death. So even if it was made in pill form, there is no way that Silva could have survived.

So these were the things that didn’t make sense for me in the Daniel Craig James Bond Movies. Did you also catch these flaws? Let us know in the comments.

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