Most Disliked Hollywood Movie Characters

Disliked Movie Characters:

Have you ever watched a character who always manages to boil your blood? We can give you at least ten such names that got under our skin even through the screens. Some of us can even relate these annoying fictional characters to some people around us in real lives. Let us know who you disliked the most.

 1. Mutt Williams in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

As much as we love Indiana Jones, we absolutely can’t conceal our hatred towards his sidekick Mutt. The bratty companion was introduced in the Kingdom of Crystal Skull and played by Shia LaBeouf. Mutt’s annoying and desperate attempts to sound funny on every occasion drove us nuts. The cheeky wise-cracker was unnecessary was turn off.

 2. Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars is one of the biggest and longest-running franchises in Hollywood that has loyal fans from all over the world. But even the image of such a popular name could be tarnished by Jar Jar Binks. What we assumed to joke was taken seriously by Star Wars. Even to this day, we can’t figure out the purpose of this character.

 3. Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2

It is very natural for fans to hate their favorite superhero’s nemesis. And when it comes to Tony Stark aka Iron Man, we swore our loyalty to him since day 1. Justin Hammer was a mortal enemy and business rival of Tony Stark who was hell-bent on destroying him. His constant jealousy towards Stark had got to our nerves. But Tony’s sarcastic comments at Hammer was the most enjoyable part.

 4. Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter Franchise

Facts About Draco Malfoy

Draco was one of the biggest bullies that we have ever come across in movies. A spoilt brat who felt entitled to mock others only because his Death-Eater father was rich. Neither did he have any qualities and skills of his own, nor could he see anyone else’s success. He drove all his energy and mind towards belittling Harry, Ron, and Hermione only because they weren’t as privileged as he was. We savor the moment when Hermione punched the scornful coward who only rode on his father’s name and wealth. It’s another story of how fans got smitten by Tom Felton’s appeal as he grew up.

 5. Derek Zoolander in Zoolander

Disliked Movie Characters

Derek Zoolander was annoying since the purpose of the movie was to irritate the audience with comedy. Even though Ben Stiller’s character demanded him to act idiotic and obnoxious, it sometimes went overboard.

 6. Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Franchise

As much as we like Hayden Christensen, we can’t help but dislike his Star Wars character. No matter what, we can’t deny that Anakin Skywalker was a selfish character.  He was deemed to be the chosen one who could bring balance to the force. But Anakin decided to choose the dark side and serve the Sith Lord as he wanted to save Padme and their unborn child. He was promised by Palpatine that if he helped him to achieve his objective, he would help Anakin to use the powers sourced from the dark side to save Padme who was dying during childbirth in Anakin’s dream. Even though this selfish act couldn’t save Padme from her demise, it didn’t stop Anakin from becoming evil Darth Vader either.

 7. Roman Pearce in Fast and Furious Franchise

Roman started as a likable character in 2 Fast and 2 Furious with his awesome attitude but later got ruined by the writers. His character was turned into an arrogant and whining man who looked for petty reasons to complain about.

 8. Bella Swan in The Twilight Franchise

Disliked Movie Characters

Twilight would have been more fun to watch without its leading female character, Bella Swan. Her continuous brooding and lifeless expressions became unbearable right after the first movie. We can’t remember a single moment when Bella smiled from her eyes. Kristen may have attempted to adopt a Gothic disposition but failed at it miserably.

 9. Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 3

Now, here we aren’t commenting on Topher Grace’s ability to act but his character that was written and portrayed poorly. He played a messed up version Eddie Brock who walked around with an annoying cocky attitude.

 10. Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element

Disliked Movie Characters

Chris Tucker’s Ruby Rhod demanded him to be annoying and off-putting, but the actor overdid. The highly energized flamboyant DJ became repulsive to the eyes and ears. It was impossible to tolerate the wannabe diva for more than a second.

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