This Amazing New Theory Gives a Way to Connect Venom With MCU Spider-Man

Sony is bringing in their own Shared Universe full of characters from the Spider-Verse. Since they are planning to make it really big while Spider-Man swings in the larger MCU, they have given it an official name – Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC). Venom is going to begin proceedings for this shared universe of Spider-Man character, but it will obviously not have the MCU Spider-Man because of Sony’s ongoing deal with Marvel.

Last year, Sony’s Amy Pascal talked about Spider-Man: Homecoming and Venom in a joint interview with Kevin Feige and confirmed the fact that Venom and Spider-Man are going to be in the same Universe which obviously meant that Venom would actually be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But then reports came out the very next day correcting the fact that this is not the case. Venom would be in its own Universe and he won’t have anything to do with the MCU.

Later on in the year when Venom began production, reports starting to flow claiming that Tom Holland has been spotted on the sets of Venom which made everyone think that he will probably have a cameo in the film, surely not as Spider-Man, but as Peter Parker may be. No one has actually confirmed that and we would find out for sure when Venom hits the theatres next month. But still, it is the dream of every Spider-Man fan to see him take on a real, comic accurate version of Venom on the big screen. While that won’t happen, but we could still think of a way to lay that down for the future.

Spider-Man Venom MCU

A connection could surely be established between the MCU and SUMC if Disney and Sony wanted to do that. If Tom Holland does end up appearing in Venom then the two studios can really not deny the connection we are hoping to find. Venom is a Spider-verse character after all, so Sony is going to pit him against Spidey somewhere down the line for sure. MCU’s Doctor Strange established that there is a Multiverse that exists in the MCU, so the connection between SUMC and MCU could be established really well through that.

A Redditor has come up with a theory that could connect MCU’s Spidey to SUMC pretty well and he does use the Multiverse as he talks about a parallel Universe which has all the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters and the SUMC characters, which means it has Venom and Spider-Man in the same Universe. Here’s what his theory says:

“I know Tom Holland was spotted on set, but there was no official confirmation. Venom has been speculated to be in the MCU (I don’t) others saying its in its own universe (I do, kinda). I think that its somewhere in between. Venom should take place in a parallel universe, where Peter goes home instead of staying on the Q-ship. What makes me think this? Since it’s not in the MCU, and it’s a spider-man villain, with the rights going to Marvel Studios, and it is after all, associated with Marvel, I think they would make a parallel universe where, Spider-man comes home with the Iron-Spider suit (This is not any type of reference to Spider-man: Homecoming or anything).” 

While Marvel would never agree to their shared universe being shared by Sony in any way, but the redditor continues his theory anyway:

“This would be very cool to see, although it probably won’t happen due to the fact that the snap would have to be in it. This also COULD BE the one of the 14,000,605 cases in which they win (maybe strange saw one without Peter, which is the one they win) i’m not saying it Peter’s fault, but there are plenty of cases without peter that they lose. We haven’t seen anything where anything happens in New York (where the Q-ship comes for Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian to fight Tony, Strange, Banner, Wong, and Peter). But then again, this is cannon to the MCU. Thank you for reading.”

As Comicbook movie fans we all ultimately want for all the upcoming Superhero movies to do well and most importantly, they should give us what we really want! Just like we wanna see Wolverine take on the Hulk, we also want to see a real fight (not considering the one from Spider-Man 3) happen between Holland’s Spider-Man and Hardy’s Venom. Perhaps if Venom and the entire SUMC ends up doing remarkably well, we may get to see Marvel Cinematic Universe finally acknowledge it. That may be the only way to pit Spidey with Venom using the Multiverse theory.

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