20 Easter Eggs In Multiverse Of Madness

Multiverse of Madness was released a couple of days ago and it arrived with a bang. The movie is chock full of easter eggs and fan bait. We have collected the 20 most juicy easter eggs in Multiverse Of Madness after a careful viewing. Take a look at our analysis and observation and let us know if you spotted all of them the first time you saw that movie. Needless to say, you should stop reading if you have not seen the movie. This is the final *Spoiler Warning* Multiverse of Madness.

Mirrors Reference

It is widely known that this was supposed to be Sam Raimi’s MCU horror movie. He realized his dream and out a bunch of horror movie references in Multiverse of Madness to ensure that the fans were completely creeped out. One of the references comes directly from Mirrors in the scene where Wanda uses the reflections to pull sorcerers to the mirror dimension.


The Ring Reference

In the same sequence, we also get a very disturbing scene where Wanda climbs out of the mirror dimension via a reflection. It seems that Sam Raimi wanted to pay homage to The Ring because the way Wanda climbs out is reminiscent of that movie.

Exorcist Reference

Another horror movie that Doctor Strange makes a reference to is Exorcist. The limp walk that a blood-covered Wanda does after deleting The Illuminati and chasing strange is strangely reminiscent of that movie.


The Scarlet Witch

This movie marks the first time we have seen Wanda in her true Scarlet Witch form. She let loose all of her power and wrath and wreaked havoc on multiple universes.

John Krasinski Mr. Fantastic

We finally got to see John Krasinski’s Mr. Fantastic in the MCU. Although we are not sure if he will be playing Reed Richards in the main universe too or not. Regardless, we dig the beard and the costume.


Classic Charles Xavier

The Illuminati also brought with it the most loyal portrayal of Charles Xavier in live-action, especially with the yellow hover chair and the kind disposition. This was one of the best easter eggs in Multiverse of Madness.

Ultron As Illuminati

We did not get to see Superior Iron Man in the MCU but we got Ultron as the sentinel of the Illuminati. We think that Superior Iron Man might have died in the fight against Thanos but his sentinels are still serving the organization he was a part of.


Black Bolt Inhumans Are From Universe 838

Inhumans was one of the few MCU failures. Marvel Studios thought it best to just ignore the show after the first season had ended. But it seems that they have now relegated the show as a part of Universe-838 where The Illuminati were from. The existence of Black Bolt may be all the proof we need.

Captain Carter

Captain Carter made her first appearance in the MCU with What If…? and now Haley Atwell got the chance to play the character in live-action MCU, with a jetpack on her back, no less.


Chthon & Wundagore

Fans were delighted to see that Chthon was name-dropped in the movie and we got to visit Mount Wundagore in all of its glory in the MCU. Maybe we will get to see this ancient God escaping from his prison and trying to take control of Wanda in the future.


Clea Strange

Clea is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension and it was nice to see her making an appearance at the end of the movie in an attempt to save Strange from the impending incursion.

Dormammu Connection

Major MCU Villain

Interestingly enough, fans would be delighted to know that Clea’s father was a Dormammu worshipper and her mother was the sister of Dormammu. So this woman has major connections to the ruler of the Dark Dimension.


Earth “616”

The MCU was supposed to be Earth-199999 according to the official handbook of Marvel but Multiverse of Madness has designated it to be Earth-616 which is the same as the marvel comicverse.

Book of Vishanti

The Book Of Vishanti is a powerful artifact from the comics that makes an appearance in the movie as soon as it starts. It was written by the first Sorcerer Supreme and houses untold secrets.


Agents of SHIELD Darkhold Was Just A Copy

When Wong told Wanda that the Darkhold that was just destroyed was just a copy we came to realize that the same could have been the case with the Darkhold that was present in Agents of SHIELDDoctor Strange 2 effectively plugged a loophole that had been driving fans crazy for the better part of the last decade.



It was interesting to see an iteration of Shuma-Gorath in the Multiverse of Madness but this was clearly an inferior copy. The creature has also been named Gargantos so it might just be a way to reference the elder God without actually revealing him to the audience.

Bruce Campbell

Sam Raimi has a Bruce Campbell cameo in every movie that he makes. He included one in Multiverse of Madness too. Campbell plays a pizza roll salesman who mouths off to Strange and has to punch himself in the face for three weeks as a consequence.


Franklin Richards And Fantastic Four

Things About Franklin Richards

In a blink and you will miss it a moment, Mr. Fantastic makes a reference to his kids. For the uninitiated, Reed’s children are some of the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse. There is no one quite as powerful as Franklin Richards.

Sands of Nisanti

We also get a look at the Sands of Nisanti in the movie. This is an old relic that has also been used in the comics. When used, the spell/ sands stop any magic casting in the area for a period of three minutes. The handcuffs that Strange is wearing also use the sands to suppress magic.


Brazier of Bom’Galiath

Brazier of Bom’Galiath is another relic that makes an appearance in the MCU. This brazier has the ability to spew fire and create explosions when properly used. Christine Palmer from Earth-838 uses it to destroy the dead spirits that haunt Steven’s dreamwalk.

Did you notice these easter eggs in Multiverse of Madness? let us know about it down in the comments.


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