Alternate Avengers: Endgame Fan Art Shows The Death of Captain America  

Fan Art Shows Captain America Death:

Avengers: Endgame gave us a sad, and yet hopeful ending with the death of Tony Stark. Since it was the finale event, our thinking was that at least a couple of the OG Avengers would end up dying, if not more. And the presumption was that Captain America will surely be a goner. He is someone who’d always sacrifice himself for the greater good, so Endgame would’ve beautifully set the stage for that. But, it did the absolute opposite to totally subvert our expectations. Tony ended up dying and leaving us all emotional.

Fan Art Shows Captain America Death

But just imagine, if it was Steve who snapped instead of Tony. Many people have thought whether Steve would’ve had enough strength to survive the snap? Well, the answer is that even Thor might not have survived. So, Steve was still human in his own right. He would’ve shared Tony’s fate. Hulk only survived because of his Gamma relation with the stones. So, here’s a fan art to show you what might have happened in an alternate universe where the story of Avengers: Endgame turned out to be different.

Fan Art Shows Captain America Death

Our original thought process was that Marvel just cannot kill off Tony Stark. After all, Iron Man was MCU’s poster boy and he made a lot of money for the franchise. To a certain degree, it actually didn’t make sense in our heads as to how can Marvel actually kill Tony. They’d probably keep him alive so he could make future appearances after his character gets a happy retirement. But then, we saw Avengers: Endgame, and we saw how naïve our thought process was. Iron Man’s death is the only thing that actually made sense. The impact of the ending is what gave led Avengers: Endgame to become the highest-grossing film. Even though Cap’s death would’ve been saddening, it was still very predictable. Instead, him traveling back to the past wasn’t very predictable. So, Kudos to writers Christopher Marcus & Stephen McFeely and directors Joe & Anthony Russo.

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